It took a shooter with an AR-15 style .223 caliber firearm and 100-round drum magazines under 30 seconds to kill nine people and injure 27 others in Dayton, Ohio. If ever there was an argument for banning assault-style weapons and high capacity magazines, this must be it.

Yet, Representative Ben Cline and other Republicans will find a way to justify the status quo (and maintain their good standing with the NRA) by stifling common sense gun legislation.

As someone has observed, "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result." How many more will die before we try something different and limit access to these weapons of war on our city streets? How many more families will be shattered before we do more than offer our thoughts and prayers for the victims of our inaction?

Robbie Miller


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Yet another inane bang the drum about guns. It's getting old and worn out. Plain stupidity from ignorant friends and family of the subhuman scum shooters helped caused the carnage.


Banning semi automatic weapons is NOT "common sense" gun legislation, it's a knee jerk reaction to an unfortunate situation. Ben Cline and the others are showing good sense by not buying into this latest hysteria. Making these weapons illegal will not make American citizens any more safe but would continue to erode our rights. We should never trade our freedom for a momentary false sense of security.


Amen...if you take semi-auto weapons away from law abiding citizens then only criminals will have them....why is this so hard for Democrats to understand? Is it really hard for them to understand or are they using tragedy to fuel their desire to over power the American people and eventually enslave them like all other dictatorships on this planet?


Amen indeed. Great points newshound, mattnamyj, and DANT.

Mike Muterspaugh



The cheerleading squad strikes again!!! Great job fellows!! Again I'm impressed!!

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