I am a newcomer to Page County, having moved to the community several months age from the Smoky Mountains.

As an independent voter, I have supported both Republican and Democrat candidates over many years, because a vote should go to the candidate and what he/she stands for, not as a rubber stamp for a particular party.

Recent ads for candidate for governor Republican Glenn Youngkin argue for parents to control the local school system. They already do with locally elected school boards. But to suggest that parents should be allowed to enter a school and tell teachers how and what to teach is asinine. It is the responsibility of the school board and teachers to educate; that is their role and what they have been trained to do. The role of parents is to parent.

Youngkin also sponsors an ad which suggests that a defendant who shot a Richmond police officer 40 years ago has been released from prison. In fact the state parole board has refused every opportunity to let the shooter go free. Parole boards are in place in every state, and they review the status of defendants on a regular basis. The ad suggests that somehow Democrat candidate for governor Terry McAuliffe is responsible for the parole board, but it in fact is an independent entity.

So when you hear a candidate or a politician make a claim, check it out. Being an informed citizen is important when one walks into the voting booth.

Ray Snader


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Let's Go Brandon !


So when will we see your glowing analysis of McAuliffe, a known swindler, who can’t stand on his own merit to campaign but has to import blow-bags like Obama and the crooked rotund Stacey Abrams as well as the dumbest president ever (Biden) to “rescue” him? Care to comment on that?

Oh and it takes a lot of gall for a newcomer to preach to long-time local residents about “how to vote.” Unlike you, there is no democrat I would ever consider voting for because they are nothing but spineless lackeys … told what to do by their supreme masters.


That's pretty much what I was thinking too, where is the fact check on known liar McAuliffe?


Ray, I think you should probably go back to Smokies if they'll let you, from your comments you were probably run out of the smokies by good common sense people....the same may happen to you in Page Co.!


The recent newcomer is a former small town media darling reporter … so possibly look for more interesting tidbits from him in print in the future.


Mr. Snader...as a new "come here" citizen of Page County, I welcome you. I hope you are able to blend in with this agriculture community. After reading your "letter," it is obvious that you will stick out like a sore thumb and quickly become an outcast in Page County. It is also obvious that you did not do your research on McAuliffe's last debacle as Governor of Virginia. I am even willing to bet that you are over looking McAuliffe's relationship and dealings with the pure as driven snow Clinton Gang. The fact that he has hired the loser Abrams to speak on his behalf should tell you all you need to know. But as the lib/dem/prog/soc that you obviously are, I am sure you are fine with Abrams and Mr. "Shovel Ready Jobs" Obama spewing their hate and disdain throughout the Commonwealth on behalf of McAuliffe.


Dearest Mr. Snader, from the content of your letter, it’s obvious to everyone that you are a flaming liberal. Contrary to your left-wing opinion, parents do indeed have both the RIGHT and RESPONSIBILITY to enter schools and tell teachers how and what to teach THEIR children. Parents have the fundamental role of ensuring their children receive a quality enlightened education, not one based on Marxist propaganda and ideology as adopted by some radical school boards and pushed by extremist left-wingnut teachers unions.

Glenn Youngkin is the right choice for Virginia, not Terry McAuliffe who thinks parents should not have any say in what their children are taught.

"I don't think parents should be telling schools what they should teach," – Terry McAuliffe 9/28/2021


Brilliant post Bishop. You sum up my own thoughts nicely (although in a much more articulate way than I ever could). Demokkkrats believe that the state owns our children, and that parents should have no say in how, or what they are taught. This is a totalitarian, Marxist view, and one obviously espoused by Terry McAuliffe. My vote goes to Youngkin in November.


Thank you, my royal Saudi brother.

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