The Build Back Better Act passing the House was a victory and has the potential to help many people. Among other improvements, it will benefit workers by granting them more paid family and medical leave. My question is: why did Ben Cline not support it?

Build Back Better could put a cap on insulin costs, help people access health care, finance public housing repairs and much more. The original bill would have also addressed our need for more mental health support. Western State Hospital is not able to operate at capacity, is understaffed and underfunded. If someone is having a mental health crisis it seems the only “care” they can receive is jail. The individual does not get the care they need, the community has to pay more money to the jail, and nothing is improved.

Why has Ben Cline not pushed for more mental health funding for our community? And why did he not support the legislation that could help his constituents?

Isaac Schertz


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Dear Letter Writer Schertz....nothing will be improved as long as you keep voting for the dems/libs/progs/socs. Make attempts to use some critical thinking skills and factual analytical skills. The same skills it appears that Mr. Cline used when making his decision.


And thank God he doesn’t support that Democrat Socialist thievery!


If Mr. Schertz actually read all the cr@p that was in that bill he would not have written such an ignorant article. The crumbs given to the American people were nothing compared to the pork projects and wasted $$$ for Democrat run cities and politicians!


The Trump administration had put in price controls that lowered the price of insulin to the lowest cost available in the world. One of the first things Dementia Joe the Sock Puppet was told to do by his handlers was to eradicate that rule, which he did. The price of insulin rose and the Democrats are now trying to blame Republicans for that increase and heap praise on themselves for trying to solve a problem that had already been solved by Republicans and recreated by the Democrats. Crooked, hypocritical charlatans!


I disagree with you Isaac. I'm glad that Ben did not support this multi trillion dollar boondoggle. You Demokkkrats always love to think of new and inventive ways to waste other people's money.


prodigalson, they don't think they are wasting money. They are using taxpayer money to buy votes and satisfy the people who put them in power. The c---- that was in that bill was disgusting!!!


I agree.

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