A problem I see was recently called to my attention in a book about the missionary Livingston. He said that evangelism must precede civilization. I thought this was profound due to the time and place he was living and how it relates to our nation.

We have become a pagan country. I cannot believe the progressives that seem to believe in a socialistic solution to the problems we face. Our problem is evil. And the only true solution is to return to the God of our Fathers.

A more powerful government is just another attempt by man to play God. What is needed is for the Christian churches to return to a preaching of the pure gospel, that calls sin what it is and the only remedy is a return to God’s solution. We must accept that we have offended a Holy God and the further from His book we wander the worse the calamity will be for us.

Harold Roberts


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Great letter Harold. Of course, the folks at EMU won't like it, but that's to be expected.

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