For those of you who think climate change is a hoax created by polar bears, here is a simple graphic to explain part of it. As fossil fuel companies create all this misinformation: "It is easy to have someone believe a lie, than to convince them they are being lied to." (Mark Twain)

Edward Kelly


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Mr. Kelly to prove my point that climate change is a hoax I would ask you to ask Pelosi, Biden, Harris, Shumer, AOC, Sanders, etc.etc. to do away with their use of fossil fuel immediately, to give up their multiple homes, multiple vehicles, many of which guzzle fuel to the max! Mr. Kelly spreading b.s. is as bad as believing it.....don't be that guy!


freeride, restrictions and sacrifices are only imposed on the little people, not Marxist elites such as those you mentioned. You see, if all of us peons drink the green socialist Kool-Aid, our benevolent masters can make the difficult choice of enjoying the finer things for us. How can you argue with such environmental altruism?


Climate change is not a hoax, the climate on earth has been changing for 4.2 BILLION years. Most climate change on earth occurred with no human life on it, who was to blame then? However, creating the illusion that humans are changing the earth’s climate IS a hoax. The end result of each and every report and study and “panel of experts” is the same, we need MONEY. Trillions of it, and it has to be in a special bank so no one can see who gets it or why they get it. Don’t believe me? Look no further than the current $3.5 trillion spending bill trying to be shoved down our throats by world class thieves, Demonrats. In that bill is the creation of a “private national climate bank” funded with 20 BILLION taxpayer dollars. The bill also specifically states that the bank must be outside of the control or oversight of US Congress. So we get no say whatsoever on how it’s spent or who gets the money. So who will ultimately get that money? Those who got stuck with the bill, us, will never know. Demonrats don’t want us to know and are attempting to codify it into law to make sure we, nor our elected representatives will ever find out. Pure evil. This is what “fighting climate change” is truly about, brainwashing morons into accepting being robbed endlessly by corrupt governments who are enriching themselves endlessly with our money.


Thanks, you’ve said it well. The letter-writer is quite ignorant about environmental, atmospheric and meteorologic processes. But an expert on parroting hysterical liberal talking points.


As a young earth creationist, I agree with everything you said except the 4.2 billion years and agree especially with the money part, where the Democrats will spend trillions of dollars and the spending will enrich some peoples lives with next to nothing to show for a positive impact on our environment.


Extremely well put Billy.


Mr. Kelly...misinformation?? You mean like the way Schiff, Pelosi, Schumer, Comey, Brennan, Obama, Lynch, Clinton, et al created misinformation every second of every day?

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