Hello Dukes fans. I am a true Bison fan, but it was a great game, and we have had a few great games in the past. You have nothing to be mad about. We had a great game that went down to the wire, the way great games should. You have a great program as do we.

Look forward to seeing these two teams battle again. I will be watching when the playoff schedules come out and if we both are in it, I hope there is a chance to play the Dukes again. Be proud of your team as I am of mine. Until next season.

Michael Gilje

Dickinson, N.D.

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JMU and Curt Cignetti were out-coached. The Dukes staff will need to go back to school and learn to play aggressively rather than their obvious choice of playing not to lose. What a shame for the seniors like DiNucci who gave their all only to have their chance at a title kept at arms length by a game plan that was conceived out of fear. It was truly a great job and great season by the Dukes players.


ND St was just as overcautious in the 2nd half as JMU was in the 1st and it nearly cost them. If JMU stopped ND St's fake FG that went for a TD, we likely would've won that game.


Agree Bill. Three plays hurt them.

The fake field goal.

The 3rd and ~20 deep in their (ND) own territory in the first half... ... JMU tackles the QB but gets a part of the facemask. Auto 1st down.....Scored TD on drive.

The last....3rd and forever, 2nd half, QB scrambles, JMU kid just misses him, he runs for 40 yd TD.

I think they (JMU) outplayed (or were even at worst) them overall....just those mistakes.


JMU Football gave me a reason to visit Fargo, ND and also Frisco, TX for 3 out of the last 4 years. I have met many NDSU fans and they are some of the nicest people I've ever met. Make one mistake while playing them and you're going to lose. I wish JMU would schedule a "home and home" series with them, I would love to see them in Bridgeforth.


It was a tough loss but it was a great season for JMU as well as for NDSU: the Clemson & LSU of FCS football!

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