Earlier this week a letter stated that Rep. Ben Cline wants to take away access to contraception. This is a complete and total lie. There is no serious political effort in the country to ban access to the birth control pill. Democrats’ introduction of the Right to Contraception Act was an attempt to create a controversy where one does not exist. Not a single additional person has access to contraception that did not before this bill’s passage.

This is nothing more than an attempt to deflect from real issues that are actually impacting people’s lives, like the fact that inflation is still higher than it has been in generations, gas prices are 50% higher than they were two years ago, and crime rates are skyrocketing. As well, more than 107,000 people, mostly young, died from opioid overdose in 2021 alone. That was without the 11,000-plus pounds of fentanyl that was confiscated at the open southern border that same year.

Instead of addressing the actual crisis facing our country, Democrats are fighting imaginary battles and are angry Ben Cline won’t join them in their game of make-believe.

Bill Call


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Folks are interested in all that other stuff, but you'd best check in with Judges Thomas and Alito. They've pretty much issued an invitation to remove more of our rights to privacy including contraception. Folks are pretty upset about that too.


b-hole is lying again....imagine that! Contraceptives are at no risk of being taken away that is a made up lie by the demonrats to keep abortion front and center. The demonrats have lost all credibility on how to run this country, they have ruined the economy, foreign policy, supply chain, and are supporting and backing the most corrupt country in Europe, Ukraine....all with billions of taxpayer $$$. People are going hungry because they can't pay their bills and Biden is more worried about Ukraines borders than our own southern border where thousands of people are walking across daily. Drugs including fentanyl are coming across nonstop and killing thousands of Americans. Bidens regime thinks sending taxpayer $$$ to Venezuela, El Salvador, Argentina...is the answer to stopping illegal immigration but finishing the wall won't work. The clowns in charge are liars and use deception to mess over the American people. Are you better off today than you were 19 months ago? Think about that in Nov. when you cast your vote!


Gracious sakes... such venom! You can look up and see for yourself the written comments of Thomas and Alito. And your whole comment is imaginary because you accuse a completely made up entity of losing credibility, ruining the economy etc.? You're not even responding to my comment. I don't see on this thread anyone by that name. Chill bro...


b-hole are demonrats not in charge of this country right now? Are they not making stupid decisions that are hurting people and pushing us closer to nuclear war? What bill has been presented, by anyone, that would do away with contraceptives?


fknjhole has been brainwashed by the fake news media. I can't belive that sheep actually used to teach children. I can't imagine how many lies he intentionally told them pushing his beliefs. He is the reason my children go to private schools.


At least teaching choral wasn’t that woke “back in The day!”


You are delusional. That is nowhere close to being true. I thank the good Lord each and every day that you no longer teach children.


Don't know what you're talking about or who you are referring to. Now I will make you disappear... "poof."


That is correct, you absolutely do not. Do what you do best, regurgitate what the fake news media tells you to, play dumb, and run away.


And Shazam, I brought you back. Just wanted to add this to the thread:

"Matt DePerno, the Republican nominee for attorney general in Michigan, said recently that Plan B birth control pills should be treated like fentanyl and be banned "at the border."

"poof" away you go....


he "said"? that's it? nothing more than a comment by a person who does not hold public office?? thanks for the laugh, bknclownhole! please keep coming back, comedian, we need the laughs!


Folks are plenty upset all right BHole.....but not for the reasons you spout .

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