President Trump has shown himself an insurrectionist by his actions inciting violence on Jan. 6. In response, some of his Cabinet and administration members have resigned, expressing moral indignation at what their boss has wrought. Don’t believe them. These are craven and convenient resignations by the very people who have unquestioningly supported the Trump ethos of hatred, violence and self-service. We cannot forget who these people are. We should not applaud their last-minute conversions. They are as responsible as Trump is for the death and destruction we witnessed last week. They, too, have blood on their hands.

Barbara P. Brennan

New Market

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Donald, Why is it that when someone says anything bad about Con, it's hatred? If Obama had lied about the election like Con Don and his lap dogs have, your hair would be on fire! Why do you think Con Don had a large rally in Washington on the day the Congress was going to certify the election? Is it not amazing that Con Don said he would march down to the Capitol, with his supporters and then went to the White House and watched TV. As he watched the mob, no Congressman could get a call through to him, but he was able to get a call through to Tubberville to try to get him to slow the certification down! What a coincidence. Don't you think so. It's not hatred for Con Don , it's just telling the truth about him.


when are they going to tell the truth about all The Anifta and Black lives Matters Criminals?


Better late than never, I suppose, but I think they resigned to avoid 25th Amendment questions. Or perhaps they stayed in the clown show this long to help steer our impulsive, uniformed president away from his more foolish urges, as other former cabinet members were said to do (before they either got fired or quit after their patience was exhausted).


Dearest Babs, I suppose you apply the same standard to leading Democrats like Biden, Harris, Zero, trans-Zero thingy, Pelosi, Schumer, AOC, Omar, Waters, Nadler, and others who publically egged on the BLM/Antifa insurrectionists attacking police officers and innocent civilians and supported their vandalizing, robbing, looting and burning down public buildings and small businesses for the last 8 months?


Satan aka Holer, Thank God for Jan. 20, 2021. Looks like the Republicans after being attacked by Con Don's supporters, they are mad at what happened last Wednesday. I'm not defending what happened last summer, but at least they had a several reasons to protest, but not any reason for violence. Con Don's supporters were stirred to violence over a lie, last week. This is what happens when people are lied too by their President and leaders and right wing media and they too stupid to fact check anything. Do you think they would have killed Pence? I do. Didn't you tell prod, you were at the Capitol Wednesday?


Hopefully you will get your hatred under control before you do yourself a mischief, Ms. Brennan.

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