This election was not about Democrat versus Republican. It was a referendum on whether we should work toward the economics of Venezuela, the health policies of Australia, and the educational curricula of San Francisco. Now that Virginians have voted and sent a clear message, we may have a government that pays more attention to its obligations and limitations under the Constitution.

The rule of law by a limited government paired with a citizenry who assume personal responsibility has always been the path to both national and individual success.

Andy Vogan

Penn Laird

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I hope they implement the Florida actions against covid, regeneron clinics, no masks or mandates. British Medical Journal just published multiple reports about new pfizer vaccine that showed that ivermectin at 3 cents a treatment blows this shakedown of the American people away!


You haven't done your research. Gov. DeSantis is actually a very strong supporter of Regeneron clinics and has created numerous such clinics across the state. Not surprisingly, his biggest donor happens to be a guy who makes millions off of selling monoclonal antibody cocktails like Regeneron. Cost: $1200 per dose. Oh, and it's not FDA approved.

Cost of a vaccine? $0.00 to the patient, $19.50 - $37.00 per dose paid by the government. FDA approved. And you don't have to get sick first, as you do with Regeneron.

So, you see, it's very profitable to De Santis, Abbott, and their rich buddies to discourage the vaccine and get as many people sick from Covid as possible so they wind up "begging" for $$ Regeneron $$.

The sad thing is, conservative sheep don't even know they're being fleeced.


I am pretty sure that in the post-America we live in today, the rule-of-law is more a slogan than anything else and “limited government” is now a fantasy used only as a chattering sound bite every two years by RNC candidates. But, I do agree with you, Mr. Vogan, that it is not about Democrat versus Republican in that it has been through the combined efforts of both that got us to where we are today. Bummer.


This election was most definitely a turn by Virginians against the Democrats policy and failed leadership. Lets hope the elected Republicans will do more than talk and actually do what Virginians elected them to do!


Great letter Andy. The only reason the Demokkkrats were unable to steal this one is that patriots turned out in droves. Thanks God they did.

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