Perhaps Mr. A. Lawrence Rose is an exemplary citizen, I have no Idea. (“Northam Plan Example of Removing Government Interference”, Jan. 10). As for me, if I see a 20-year-old 2,000-pound car coming toward me at 70 miles an hour, I would like to know someone checked the brakes in the past year.

I live by a busy street and often hear the grind of brake rotors or a bad wheel bearing on the hill in front of my house. Maybe Mr. Rose doesn’t realize how many vehicles do not pass inspection the first time.

Why, If Gov. Northam wants to tinker with vehicle annual inspections, doesn’t he remove the onerous air quality standards from the checklist? Good brakes and wheels staying on are essential to the other drivers’ safety but a good catalytic converter?

Kitty Urban


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Excellent riposte to their dimwitted, kkk, baby killing, govenor.

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