On the Second Amendment, Mr. Finnegan casts himself as the pragmatic problem solver, but the evidence suggests otherwise. He starts his pitch by saying he supports hunting. The Second Amendment has nothing to do with hunting. It's about an individual's right to self-protection. Of course, I'm not even sure he agrees with that premise. In May he shared an article arguing that the Second Amendment is not an individual right and advocates should "[role] up their sleeves and [use] the First Amendment to fight the hopelessly outdated Second Amendment."

Even most Democrats will tell you they support the Second Amendment, even if they argue in support of gun control measures. Does Mr. Finnegan think it should be removed from the Constitution? That is a radical departure from most in his own party and is certainly out of touch with the 26th District. He is an AOC clone.

George VanOrden

Fulks Run

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Actually, Mr. Finnigan supports a policy that is a much greater threat to private citizen gun ownership than his individual desire to increase gun owner restrictions. It is a policy that is also apparently shared by his RNC opponent. They both seem to support the massive importation of cheap foreign labor from cultures alien to our heritage while ignoring the damage it does to America’s working families and our cultural cohesiveness. The imported cultures having the greatest impact on Virginia are Asian and Hispanic cultures. Both consistently poll overwhelmingly in favor of greater restrictions on the private ownership of firearms. One of the enticements used by the State at the behest of corporate business interests to get the more skilled foreign workers to work on the cheap and not complain is the promise of US citizenship after a set number of years of cheap labor. And once they become citizens they will vote – and in most cases it will not be in support of the 2nd Amendment or gun owners. The days of Virginia being a bastion of the 2nd Amendment are fast receding into a blue haze – and there are two political parties that have made that happen.


Why change a good thing....vote Wilt!


"Does Mr. Finnegan think it should be removed from the Constitution?" I just did a search, including of Finnegan's site, and nothing indicates the answer to this question is yes. You are overreacting.


I agree with you George. Finnigan is way too extreme to represent the constituents of the Shenandoah Valley. Tony Wilt has done an excellent job as our delegate. He understands business, and shares the basic, conservative values of his constituents, and votes accordingly. Tony will have my vote in November.

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