Though we had local losses here in the Valley — statewide the Virginia Democratic Party retook control of the state legislature Tuesday night. So now Virginians will now enjoy commonsense gun control, a livable minimum wage, protection for preexisting conditions in health insurance, and other things that wise GOP legislators have protected voters from for decades.

So hang on to your MAGA hats, folks, cause the wild leftist socialist policies of the Democratic Party are going to be flying out of Richmond and improving lives instead of reinforcing lies.

Tom Yeager


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Sure, the tone deaf guys in the red ties lost control of the state senate and house of delegates, but I wouldn't be looking for a big revolution, unless you like being disappointed.


Don't start none, won't be none.

Bike Notzi...


I've got my MAGA hat and my AR. Thanks...


"Commonsense gun control"...

I foresee a lot of tragic boating accidents this Summer in which entire collections are lost.

Duck Runner

Thankfully we still have the courts to block the Democrats when they overstep, which they will surely do.


Killing babies, protecting rapists, and racists is more what comes to mind!


Ok, that was funny.


Yep, fools rush in.

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