Logic isn’t always humane. Nature has self-limited the numbers of man and saved the human race. I wonder how many global climate “scientists” and hangers on fully appreciate how much the medical industry had to do with the predicament of pollution not ending human life in 12 years?

In the past 100 years our life expectation has increase by 40 or more years. With that extension we now have more people living around the world. More people, more cars, more fires, more coal and air pollution runs rampant.

Had the medical community just minded their own business, millions maybe billions would have died from old age, diseases, plagues, epidemics. The pollution of the air would be drastically reduced due to fewer cars, people, coal burning. Blame doctors for air pollution!

If scientists, especially those of Kerry or AOC’s expertise, delved into the history of man and the world they would see a natural self-limiting by nature, until medicine saved our lives. Great plagues, vast fires, meteorites, volcanoes, wars, earthquakes, plagues, pandemics, humans doing stupid human tricks, all combined to limit human and animal populations.

If humans kept their hands off of nature, including global warming, nature and the universe would act as one and the human race would survive. So, why is Biden fighting both ends of this problem? Either allow people to die from the virus or let us get cheap gasoline.

George Lampron


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Fake President Biden and the Demokkkrats are way ahead of you on this one George. That's what this whole "pandemic" and "vaccine" fiasco is; an attempt at population control.

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