"The Case Of The Missing Mandate" Open Forum (Nov. 16) is a mystery of missing the point of the recent election.

What was at stake was the obvious mishandling of COVID-19, the bullying of our neighbors and desecration of allied relationships, the unrelenting misrepresentation of truth and science, the arrogance of name-calling and rogue cronyism, the taunting disregard of cries for justice, the trivialization of information, and now the pouting golf fiddling while 11 million Americans burn with fever. Democratic decency and protocol were at stake.

It is obvious who won and who lost, with an amazingly similar plurality, which brought forth that which has now been repudiated by both the majority of the Electoral College and of the U.S. voters.

There's the mandate of the recent election which Americans are now seeking from the new administration. It's not missing! It's obvious!

Andy Sale


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I like the obiden appointee who wants to cut medical care at 75 and who hopes he doesn't live so long. I join you in your wish.


Biden's electoral college tally over The Donald is now the same as The Donald's was over Clinton in 2016, which The Donald described as "a landslide." Whether or not a election result is a mandate seems to be in the eye of the beholder.


Ok, that made me that made me laugh out loud.

In other news, the flacks at Dominion Voting "Systems" were supposed to testify in PA yesterday.

They no-showed and lawyered up instead...


Mandate?! I would encourage you, Mr. Sale, to avoid such misogynistic triggering and the associated pain it produces in its victims. Humandate is fine, as is peopledate or persondate (cheapdate is not).

An aside: You may be happy to know that if the Harris-Biden ticket gets installed in the White House the American working families will have been firmly put back into their place and Wall Street will get back to business as usual. Crazy world, huh?



Your conclusion is most definitely not obvious.


I can understand your dismay at suddenly realizing your vote supported Wall Street at the expense of American working families. I am quite sure that was not your intent.

If you wish to see who Mr. Biden’s masters are, simply read about who it is that he hopes to bring into his possible administration and who he is selecting for his possible transition team – they ain’t friends of Rosie the riveter or Joe the Plumber.


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