So we have a man in the Walmart parking lot with a military-style rifle and he's not breaking any laws. Then why were the police there? Why did the police tell the Santiago family to back off? We all know why! Because he could kill a dozen people in 15 seconds! Happy Holidays everybody and enjoy your Christmas shopping. Oh, by the way, you might want to bring a gun along.

Richard Kinkead

Weyers Cave

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If I had to guess I would say this guy was a liberal democrat using the scare tactic to get people to re-act against the second amendment....why else would someone do this?


Mr. Kinkead....many many many people that go to the same Wal Mart are carrying a firearm at any given time. They are just not dumb enough to make a public display of their God given right AND THEIR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT unless the circumstances warrant such a display. Once again, I applaud the HPD for their common sense, restraint, and correct application of THE LAW.


exactly, no one ever sees what's tucked into the back of the waistband on my pants. With that said, the dude in the parking lot was an idiot for open carrying like that.


Sad and pathetic though that you have to conceal carry because people don't understand the Constitution and have been made to fear their rights.


Thanks, I do - all day, every day.

Let's Go Brandon !

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