I am amazed at how ridiculous the media is today. They conveniently forget how their beloved Barack Obama cozied up to dictators, the Mullahs in Iran, Raul Castro, Hugo Chavez etc. and in 2016 he stepped onto Cuban soil to be received by a dictator, Raul Castro. This was lauded by the media as a historical event. A dictator is a dictator, be it a Castro or a Kim Jong Un. The difference here is who is doing the reaching out. One is historical, one is a “photo op,” according to the media.

I love that President Trump is the first sitting president to be on North Korean soil. Good for you, President Trump — keep trying for a successful outcome. To the media, keep up the negativity and keep ensuring us of having four more years of our man, Trump.

Betty Styron Tyree


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The Media/Democrat collaboration specializes in LIP service: Lying, Inventing, Pandering.


I haven't seen President Trump bow one time to any foreign leader unlike the pussycat Obama...what a disgrace he was for America. We finally have a lion in the Whitehouse who roars loud and clear...just ask isis and Iran! President Trump has made the left lying news outlets look like fools and they still are to stupid to get it!


I agree with you Betty. The double standard has become more and more abvious to more and more people. The Independence Day celebration on the National mall yesterday was another prime example of this. The entire event was tastefully done, and President Trump’s speech was pitch perfect. And the beauty of the whole thing was that President Trump further exposed the Demokkkrats for who they really are, and for what they actually believe. The Demokkkrats are anti-American subversives, who are ashamed of our country and what it stands for. If this continues, President Trump will win a second term in 2020 in a historic electoral landslide.

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