Ben Cline is continuing his masterful propaganda campaign with his Perspectives letters. Increasingly, a sprinkling of good micro-acts blow smoke around misleading and false political rhetoric. The border crisis, which got no mention until the administrations changed, is one example.

In his latest, he attacks The Green New Deal, which is not proposed by Biden, with made up numbers from the Empowerment Alliance, one of dozens of 501(c)(4) dark money organizations funded by the fossil fuel industry. Evaluation requires a policy. Numbers must include the net from expenditures and benefits.

Shall we continue to kick the can on a planetary crisis? It will cost more later. Ben has been a great disappointment. In a few short years, he has surpassed the swamp depth of his predecessor. He too has forgotten that his constituency is comprised not just the radical right, but the rest of the political spectrum. Time for a change.

Allen Clague III


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There are a lot bigger problems with House Republicans than Ben Cline. Now that Trump has started his post-election Tour of Vindictiveness, they are cowering in fear of his retribution. So, they are set to throw Liz Cheney out of her #3 leadership position, replacing her with a far less conservative and less experienced Liz Stefanik (from my old district!), solely because Trump backs the latter. And why does Trump back the latter? Because she currently has been flattering Trump with her comments. (This was not the case previously; she was a Trump critic. But in Trump's world, current flattery is all you need.) Any conservatives with integrity should be sick to their stomachs over this move.


Mr. Cline voted against HR1 and at least someone knows how bad this bill is for our country. Please read before you screech and you will find this laws destroys our vote and with its demise destroys our republic.


Ben knows who butters his bread.


Ben Cline is doing a terrific job for our area operating under horrible House leadership.


I agree with you Newshound. I'll be supporting Ben again in 2022.


Prod...........who you support means nothing to nobody. Like your endorsement means something, you clown.


Good morning Sambo, and thank you once again for your kind words. No matter who you are, or where you are from Sambo, I'm glad that you're my neighbor. I wish you well in your search for Truth, my Brother.


prod: That made me chuckle.


Excellent post, newsy.


So you are telling us ,"Mr. don't know his a** from a hole in the ground Rep. Kevin McCarthy would do a better job News. You are ill and lost in the weeds! Do us all a favor and keep your ignorant trap shut! Ben Cline is nothing but a Trump FLUNKY. Vote him out in "22.


sammy, You have been smoking too much weed and it has made you rude and ignorant....can't you find somewhere else too insult yourself?


Truth hurts huh Freeride!!!!!! Same thing goes for you too, FLUNKY Freeride .I like it here, among the Ignorant.


free, Mr. Cline gets on TV and claims Biden doesn't want unity because he has by-passed the Republicans to get his agenda passed. Just for my own information, how many times has No Spine Cline voted along Party lines with Republicans and how many times has he bucked the Party and voted to support what Biden would like to do. One vote I know on Jan 6 , he followed a lot of Republicans and voted to overturn the election. It's a shame we can't see his vote on Liz Cheney. There's a reason he got the nickname "No Spine Cline". He's a rubber stamp for the Republicans. I'm looking forward to your answer.


sammy, Amen. Thanks for telling it like it is.

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