Solar panels are beautiful. I can’t imagine not being inspired by the beauty of transforming the sun’s rays into energy! If I had the ability to have them near my home, I would embrace and support the idea every step of the way.

I recently toured a home near Merck in Elkton that had a great view of the solar panels on its property, and I must say that the vista was improved by the intelligence required to sustainably harness this tremendous resource.

I hope that the Rockingham County Board of Supervisors will approve the permit request for the 323.6-acre solar farm.

Kate Glick


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I guess she does not care about the incredible damage to our planet that the mass production of solar panels is causing. The air pollution, heavy metal emissions and greenhouse gases emitted in their production are incredibly high but none of these environmentalpatients seems to care. It's the very thing these people are trying to prevent. I guess it's also lost on her that the energy produced through solar panels can actually create more greenhouse gases than the burning of coal and gasoline. These panels might actually be making things worse for us! I guess she also doesn't care about the damage to the regional environment that solar panel farms create, environmental degradation, habitat loss, soil erosion and compaction. Yay, let's make things worse trying to make it better! Liberal logic 101.


No source of energy is without costs, but the energy payback ratio for solar is higher than that for coal, even counting the production and eventual disposal of the panels, and the CO2 emitted from cradle to grave is lower for solar energy than coal. So ... more billybs.


you have, as usual, been brainwashed to believe what is not true and are only too happy to naively spew it out. there has been irreversible damage to China's waterways due to their solar panel production and the highly toxic results of producing them. in another decade or two we'll all be able to see just how little solar panel production and use has helped "solve" the "problem." just like wind, people forget those giant spinning mills do not last forever and are barely producing the energy that they cost to produce, maintain and replace. it's fun watching the environmentalpatients swear up and down they are right but have nothing to point to that backs up their claims. try it and watch me wreck it, champ.


Poorbitterbilly: Again, you are full of it. I said no source of energy is without its costs, including solar and wind. But your bs comparison is not only false on the face of it, it is also an apples-to-oranges comparison, since you would have to include the environmental costs of mining and preparing coal, not just burning it (which is itself the dirtiest energy source we have), and the cost of extracting oil/gas. You have done neither, because the goal of the fringe sources that form your misguided opinions is to make liberals look bad, a goal that seems to drive you as well. Time for counseling.


Keep using words like "fringe" and "word salad" every time you don't agree with an differing view, whatever makes you feel like you're being credible. Here you go, slick, from the "fringe sources" at liberal Harvard U.

“For wind, we found that the average power density — meaning the rate of energy generation divided by the encompassing area of the wind plant — was up to ****100 TIMES LOWER**** than estimates by some leading energy experts." "Most of these estimates failed to consider the turbine-atmosphere interaction. For an isolated wind turbine, interactions are not important at all, but once the wind farms are more than five to 10 kilometers deep, these interactions have a major impact on the power density.”

This is what you call "word salad" right? Remember, these are scientists, and must be believed and not questioned. But go ahead and call them fringe lunatics who simply cannot be believed. Consider yourself "counseled" What else you got, big guy?


oh yeah, they also said the size of wind farms needed to offset fossil fuels would cause the US to warm, the exact thing the environmentalpatients said switching to things like wind would prevent.


Bitterbilly: The first article is about the ratio of energy produced per area for solar power, not about anything you were asserting above (CO2 emissions, pollution caused by producing solar panels, etc. The second article is about wind power, not solar, so again not what you were talking about above. What dressing do you prefer on your bs word salads?


While I have never seen a study done to show the "pollution" done by manufacturing the Solar panels I do know that the debris associated with manufacturing is excessive---we are no longer a "recycling" society. Once bits of thread were saved, bits of rope was turned into another rope. The barnyard ground was hauled a way to make ground fertile for a garden, etc--that kind of "recycling" . So, Bill, I agree with your comment. There isn't a thing--the GREEN people use that does not cause more pollution. If they want GREEN then plant trees, don't buy plant your veggies, don't drive, fly, use a ship, gas mower, generators, etc--go GREEN. Other than that--i.e. returning to the world as it was in 1700--pollution on a large scale shall continue. Liberal logic is---you cut out your pollution---I think GREEN.


Ma’am you’re nuts!


What a twisted vision of what is panels more beautiful than trees, wild flowers, and nature. Why aren't you living in NYC?


323 acres of solar panels is more beautiful than 323 acres of trees and pasture?

I don't think so.


Ms. Glick, I certainly support your right to put as many solar panels as you can on your roof and property, but I am not as enamored of the view of solar “farms” replacing former farmland, grassland , or forest as you seem to be.

Perhaps Michael Moore would agree.

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