Texas has stopped the murder of its unborn children. Virginia’s governor, a medical doctor who took an oath to protect life, has criticized this action as depriving women of their constitutional right to do what they wish with their own body. However, if a woman exercises this right and gets pregnant, that child is not her body. It is a new person.

Why Democrats want to kill unborn potential voters is a mystery to me. Looking at it pragmatically, you can’t kill off 67 million unborn children without it adversely affecting your labor supply. We are now experiencing a labor shortage because of this practice.

The unborn child is protected by our Constitution for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I pray that all states will stop the murder of its unborn and enact laws that will protect these citizens.

Dr. L.W. Roller

Mount Sidney

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Great letter Mr. Roller, but the fact that Demokkkrats want to continue the wholesale slaughter of unborn babies (or in Ralph Northam's case, after they are born) should not be a mystery to you. Demokkkrats hate God, Life, Freedom, Christians, Capitalism, and everything else that is good and decent. It should stand to reason, then, that Demokkkrats would love abortion, because the practice of abortion epitomizes the evil that Demokkkrats advocate and represent. The Demokkkrat Party, Mr. Roller, is controlled by Satan. Consequently, the Demokkkrat Party is pure evil.


Demokkkrats will ensure that Planned Parenthood, founded by a woman who thought black people were 'weeds' that needed to be 'exterminated', will be able to continue the "Black Holocaust" which has killed an estimated 40 MILLION black chidren thus far. Even worse, Planned Parenthood sells whole fetuses and parts of fetuses for thousands of dollars each. Who owns Planned Parenthood? It might be the only Google search with zero results. It makes TWO BILLION in profit every single year, doesn't pay any taxes at all, gets millions of our tax dollars sent their way every year, they donate millions to Demokkkrats and no one knows who owns it.

Prodigalson is correct, the Demonrats are pure evil. They slaughter infants, sell their corpses and happily accept the profit as campaign donations.

As for the right to choose, a woman does have this right, but the choice is to open her legs or not and not choosing to slaughter the "inconvenient" results of opening her legs. The souls of those who choose to slaughter their own, or support it, will burn for an eternity.


Spot on Billy.


Thanks. Here is some of what this sicko Fauxchi is doing with our taxpayer money, buying fetus heads and scalping them to experiment with mice. They call it "tissue procurement."



I know, it's really disgusting. And local liberals like Harvey, Mother Superior, LVW, etc. support this grisly practice. This stuff is pure evil.


They support it because they've already been born, funny how that works. If they were fetuses, they sure as heck wouldn't be supporting it. They were hypocrites from the second they were created. And where are the local liberals?? They used to make such passioniate cases for the practice of drilling holes in the heads of fetuses, sucking out their brains and crushing their skulls. Maybe they've decided to attend an abortion, heard the drill, the cracking, saw the milky white brains spill out on to the floor and had a change of heart. Ah, who am I kidding??

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