Once again the “leftists liberals” continue their war against the Republican Party. They still cannot recognize that Donald Trump is president of these United States. Will be through January of 2025. The reality is that even though the constant attacks are aimed at Trump, the attacks are truly aimed at us law-abiding and sensible members of the Republican Party.

The Democrats do not think we are capable of making good decisions and choices. But when the truth comes out, yes we are. The Democrats constantly and consistently remind us that they cannot figure out what is going on. Domestically or on the foreign front. They make the messes and we clean them up — or we attempt to. They have lost all credibility. They cannot recognize that most crime, criminals and gun violators reside within their ranks or followers — most notably large urban areas.

Doug Grigg


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There is unladen anger in the House at the president's obfuscation. Fox won't report that, but it's as real as light. And the economy? Foreign affairs? I crooss me fingers behind me baik.


Yes, I am fully aware that Donald Trump is my president. I am also fully aware of his complete inability to lead this country. For the health, safety, and well-being of my fellow citizens, I will work as hard as I can to ensure he is not President after January 20, 2021.


Dear Susan, best of luck. You need much better candidates than what you have so far, although Marianne Williamson is quite entertaining.


"... us sensible members of the Republican Party." LOL. Sorry, but the author has written some of the nuttiest letters on this site, and that is saying something. Besides, a fair number of Trump's critics are sensible members of the Republican Party.

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