Dear Miss Harrop, it is apparent to me that you missed learning much of history and know little about the military (“Astoundingly, The Republican Attack Machine Targets The Military,” Nov. 30). The president is the commander-in-chief. That means he is the highest ranking person in the chain of command. Presidents have the right to expect all subordinates to support his decisions or if they don’t agree resign.

Truman fired MacArthur. Lincoln fired more generals than I can remember. As a veteran I don’t like the idea that we are trying our best and bravest for doing what they are trained to do. The business of the military is to kill the enemy. Doing it eyeball to eyeball is the toughest way to do it. Dropping a bomb or using a drone or using artillery is the easy way to kill them. You should be glad we have men and women who are willing and capable of doing the hard work to protect us.

Philip A. Corbo

Lacey Spring

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From (Gary Solis served the first eight of his 26 years in the Marine Corps as a tracked vehicle officer in the Vietnam War, before becoming a military attorney):

"It's not whether they were guilty or whether they were innocent; my complaint is that Trump has undermined military justice, undermined commanders, undermined military courts and undermined the reputation of our nation in the international community by doing this," Solis said, adding that there hasn't been a president in recent memory get involved to this degree.

"I have been in the military justice game since 1971 ... and this is unique -- what Trump has done is unique."


I am not willing to choose Trump over the military. Our military leadership has faithfully served our country for much longer than Trump. That doesn't mean they're always right, but if Trump forces a choice, that's an easy one for me.


Mr Trump is the commander in chief, no question. He is not the top of the chain of command. That would be Congress and the citizens of the United States of America. What happens when the commander in chief becomes one of those feckless generals that needs to be fired because of his egotism, narcissism, and inability or unwillingness to serve the national security interests of the United States? Custer, McClellan, McArthur (though none were Presidents) come to mind. Trump can be fired by the American people. It's happening now.


Trumps popularity and those who approve of his presidency are actually increasing, especially among minorities. One poll had blacks approval of Trump over 36%! The Democrats across the board are falling especially in congress where their ridiculous impeachment hoax has turned people off to the point many have even stopped watching the circus! Part of the commander in chiefs job is to make sure his generals and other leaders are not corrupted and are doing the job they are supposed to do including those enforcing the UCMJ! Trump is set for another 5 years with an easy win in 2020!


DANT - You are undoubtedly the Trump supporter with the Rosiest of rose colored glasses. You can see the silver lining in any issue, poll, or message. Here’s some of what you missed:


53.7% disapprove of Trump; 41.7 approve. Since day 24 of the Trump administration, Trump’s disapproval rating has stayed well above 50% ranging from 50% to a high of 57% in August of 2017. Mr Trump’s approval rating since day 100 has ranged from a low of 36.5% to a high of 42.9% last May.

Mr Trumps approval rating is the lowest since a couple of months in the Truman administration. He is only ahead of Jimmy Carter for the second half of Mr. Carter’s term.

48.5% support impeachment; 43.5% don’t support impeachment

29% of polled citizens are Democrats; 23% are Republicans; 38% are Independents.

Yes, Rasmussen is included in these polling averages.

No. In this case the commander in chief is corrupting his own chain of command allowing TV pundits to engage in executive decisions. I can’t believe that you or anyone would support this. Like I said, you have the absolute best Rose-colored Glasses. My advice? Take ‘em off.


And just how rosy is Americas approval of Congress? Fairly low and sinking quick, primarily pulled down by liberal Democrats.


Since you asked:

Congressional approval rating in November 2016 was 11%

On November 14, 2019 it was 24%. Since the impeachment inquiry began it has gone up from 17% in July 2019.


Do you honestly think President Donald J Trump will be removed by the Senate after a completely partisan House investigation, when President Donald J Trump's approval rating is higher than Obama's was? Keep dreaming! President Donald J Trump will be rehired by the American people in 2020 and there is nothing you can do about it except sit back and weep.


This is Trump being Trump. He's his own best friend, his own advisor, the smartest person he knows and only follows his own advice. Of course, he heard a TV pundit extoll the virtues of the soldier in question, defending him and lobbying on his behalf from his TV studio. Again, this is what Trump does. The single most powerful man in the world with access to the best information our tax dollars can buy, ignores it all and goes with the advice of a TV pundit. Trump being Trump.

We will survive...


And the American people give President Donald J Trump a higher approval rating than they gave Obama at the same point in his presidency. What he did for Eddie Gallagher only makes them see that they finally have a president who will have his troops' backs instead of watching unelected liberal 'manure heel' desk jockeys put our most patriotic and best fighters in prison for killing known terrorists while working overtime to free sexually confused Bradley Manning, who was convicted of espionage for leaking 750,000 secret documents. He was ordered to serve 35 years, he should've gotten the death penalty, but his sentence FOR ESPIONAGE was commuted. That was "Obama being Obama."


Nope. Obama’s rating on day 1049 was 44.4%. Trump’s rating on day 1049 is 41.7%.

What he did for Mr. Gallagher undermined the chain of command and put war crimes up as acceptable behavior in future conflicts. This is worse than the Bush years and torture.

Note: civilians, women and children are not “known terrorists.”

Note: “Best” fighters who commit war crimes are criminals.


Dear bkn, approval for Zero and President Trump look about the same to me. Rasmussen has Zero at 46% and POTUS Trump at 49% today - the same within polling error.


I agree. Those are Rasmussen's numbers. Those numbers were included in the polling averages I've been quoting.


I would have thought that a Commander in Chief would have respected the chain of command. I'm not sure that Trump knows what that is.


We all know Vindman doesn't know what that is, too. But when his direct superior testified that Vindman often disrespected his chain of command, including leaking information to Eric Ciaramella, you stood up and applauded for Vindman, didn't you? He was your hero who 'had a duty' to break his chain of command, didn't he? Patriot, right? Yeah, sure. But not Trump, though. You gotta draw the line somewhere, right? And you draw it right down Hypocrisy Lane and through Duplicity Drive.


Nope. Morrison’s testimony including Vindman was also litigated and resolved. Didn’t disrespect the chain of command.

The identity of the whistleblower has not been released. Conjecture. It would not have mattered anyway.


Want to be Comrade Bill, You and your Con Don lapdogs keep beefing about a war hero and purple heart recipient. Patriot yes!!! He has served this country since Vietnam. How much Patriotism did Con Don The DRAFT DODGER exude when he avoided the draft? Let me remind you, he said his Vietnam was not getting a STD Tell me how you can compare a career military man and a DRAFT DODGER which man knows more about being a Patriot?


Trump's meddling in this case was unprecedented. Instead of admitting that, and just saying "this is just Trump being Trump," his enablers have gone hammer and tongs after the military brass itself. Amazing.


The behavior of the corrupt prosecutor was also unprecedented, I'm sure you know this, but just 'forgot' to mention it because it wouldn't suit your "gotta blame Trump" rant. Typical liberal reply, too, make it seem like us "enablers" are calling out all military brass (with hammer and tongs, too. for comedic effect I'm sure!) when it's just the ones with superiority complexes and those who forget who gives the orders and who takes them. We're good with everyone else. Couldn't get the meddling thing right, couldn't get the military brass thing right. Not amazing. Par for the course for you, I'd say.


Come on Billo... give me something to work with. Wallowing in self-pity and hypocrisy is no defense. That prosecutor? Been litigated, debunked. Next...


Typical whatabout deflection. Par for the course. Enable on.


Want to be Comrade Bill I hope you have a lot of towels near you since all you do is cry about how bad Con Don has been treated. As Mulvaney said "GET OVER IT!!" You still don't defend Con Don you only cry and whine. Your degrading of a career military man shows me you are still wanting to be a Comrade in Con Don's and Putin's Army.


Good letter.

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