Please tell me how it makes sense to approve the change of use of “prime real estate” that is situated next to existing single-family residences for purposes of constructing large apartment buildings and an even larger mini-storage facility when there are already apartments and mini-storage being built literally one mile away on properly zoned real estate. One. Mile.

It makes no sense on its face, and even less sense after having seen how it violates the county’s own master plan for the transition zone of Boyers Crossing at the Planning Commission meeting.

Why would the county’s Office of Planning and Development needlessly punish existing residents of Rockingham County with reckless “spot zoning” like that? Aren’t they supposed to be protecting us from this type of uncontrolled development?

I hope the Board of Supervisors is looking out for the citizens they represent and rejects the Planning Commission's ill-conceived recommendation.

Heidimarie Jennings


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I think the American people are starting to see the corruption that is and has been happening right under their noses. Even small towns and county's can't escape the greedy, immoral, undertakings of a small few who weasel their way into positions of power and become part of the good old boys crime ring!


You are absolutely correct freeride. Wherever there are productive citizens, parasites soon follow, and they eventually kill the host.



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