In 2012, President Obama created the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (called “DACA”). DACA allows young people who were brought to the United States without documentation (called “Dreamers”) to remain in the country, get a work permit, and live without fear of deportation. Over 12,000 Dreamers call Virginia home. These are our friends and neighbors whose lives are here in the Valley.

The Trump administration wants to end the program, putting 700,000 young immigrants at risk. The Supreme Court will hear the case on Tuesday to determine their fate. Please join Virginia Organizing on Monday at 6:30 p.m. outside of the Holy Family Center at Blessed Sacrament Church to stand with our local immigrant community. We will be calling upon Sens. Warner and Kaine to protect our Dreamers by supporting H.R. 6, a bill that would provide permanent protection for DACA and TPS holders.

Amanda Dameron


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Comrade Bill, I think when two sides have disagreements on a subject I think it is called negotiations. Con Don wanted money for his wall but he didn't want to give any, so he nixed the deal!!! To get money for the wall he didn't negotiate with the Defense Dept. he just took it from them, including benefits to the soldiers.


Comrade Bill I have no rage either way about the dreamers. You always seem to say when someone asks you a question they are a liberal in rage. I just asked you what your opinion on the dreamers are and what would you do with them. I'm sure you are right, there are criminals and other misfits in the bunch but what about the ones that are working hard to become doctors lawyers and such. Still would like to hear what you think about the situation.


Trump does not want to end DACA, just another big, fat LIE from the mouth of a TDS suffering liberal. It was an illegal act by Obama to create DACA and even he acknowledged that. Trump wants Congress to actually, GASP, do their jobs and **pass a bill** that he can sign into law. But Democrats fight it every chance they have because once it's law, they won't be able to use it as a campaign issue.


These groups want "dreamers" to flood into the country in perpetuity.


I am afraid I am going to have to disagree with your characterization of the off-spring of illegal aliens as “Our Dreamers”, Ms. Dameron. If they were brought into America illegally and they are the citizens of a foreign nation, they too are illegal aliens – the same applies for any who have illegally over-stayed their visa. I do understand that a Marxist oriented organization such as Virginia Organizing – and in my opinion, one motivated by racism and hatred for Western Man – would be eager to do whatever it can to further rend the social fabric of the host culture, but what needs to be done is to return the off-spring and their parents to the country of their origin. Of course, those off-spring who may have been dumped at the border or left behind by adults (classified as being Unaccompanied) do create for us a dilemma in that unlike the vast majority of the world, Western Man is hampered by a empathic nature – indeed one might even characterize Western Man as being hyper or even pathologically empathic. I would suggest that if Virginia Organizing were truly concerned with the off-spring of illegal aliens and not simply using them for ideological or political gain, it would do its best to prevent the continued flooding of illegal aliens and their off spring into America in the first place – or does Virginia Organizing consider our Western culture so superior to the alien cultures from which these people are coming that we somehow have an obligation to ‘rescue’ them and assimilate them into our Western “melting pot”?


The dreamers that are here now are protected. President Trump is trying to stop a loophole that is hurting Americas security and economy...please try being honest with your comments and tell the whole story!

Neal Frankel

If they are now protected why is the Supreme Court hearing arguments on November 19, 2019 to determine the validity of Trump’s decision to terminate the program?

How are dreamers that are here now protected?


You must have your head buried because Pres. Trump offered to take care of your "dreamers" but Pelosi and her minions blocked it.


Newshound You must have had your head buried. As I remember, the Democrats offered Con Don Billions of dollars for his wall (Remember the wall) for the protection of the dreamers and he was the one that said NO. I don't understand why with the dreamers we would educate and take care of them, many from a very young age and now they have grown up and are able to contribute to society and the economy, why not find out a way for them to stay and contribute. Don't say so many are criminals and don't contribute because many of them turn out to be doctors, lawyers and people that do contribute to society.


Good reply!! BTW..did you know we were accused of being partners? lmao at that conspiracy theory, but what can you expect.


Why don't you tell us about the conditions that "billions" that you're referring to came with there, Comrade. You DO know the ones I'm talking about, right? I can't blame you for not wanting to mention them but to mention the 'billions' without the conditions is a simpleton move. I guess I shouldn't be surprised you omitted them, was it intentional or are you just clueless? (rhetorical question alert!!)


Comrade Bill With everything that is said you always have a special deal or thing that you claim, it still make me think that Con Don gives you special or secret information that no one else knows. Why don't you tell us your version of what happened, why Con Don turned down the money for the wall. Regardless what excuse you give and I know you will give a long diatribe but the bottom line is Con Don didn't take the money when it was there!!!


It's not *me* with the 'special deals', it's the crooked saboteurs in the Democrat Party who are more than happy to say, “here is all the money you need” and “here are the all of the conditions it comes with. Their strings were very public information, even the fake news media gleefully covered the multiple poison pills that were intentionally inserted into the bill to kill it. Yet you honestly don't know the conditions that I am referring? Why don’t you just read the bill for yourself? Do you need help locating it? There was a very good reason why President Donald J Trump didn't take the money, I know it what the reason was. ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN ,MSNBC, WaPo, HuffPo and the NY Times all knew what it was, what's your excuse for not knowing?


And they block it every chance they get by sabotage the bills. If they can't launder millions in taxpayer money, the bill is dead. Same dirty, corrupt rats they've always been.


Comrade Bill Just want to know with all the investments into these kids and now they are able to contribute to society by working and paying taxes, do you think they should have some protections or what would you do with them?


Typical liberal reply that has nothing to do with my post. Let me try that! These "kids" you speak of are now adults, among them are tens of thousands of criminals who do not contribute to society at all. They do not work, they do not pay taxes, they commit crimes against American citizens. Many of them are in prison for committing crimes against American citizens. What would you do with them? Should *they* have the protections too? Everyone knows the illegal aliens here 'under DACA' aren't leaving America. Why won't the Democrats make it law like Trump has asked of them? You *do* know Obama admitted what he did with DACA was unconstitutional but he said he was doing it anyway. I can't imagine the pathetic hypocritical outrage we'd get from you if Trump said "what I'm doing it unconstitutional but I'm doing it anyway." As usual, you and other phony liberals would have a temper tantrum and demand impeachment but yet, none of you had a problem with a sitting president bragging about how he's basically wiping his behind with our constitution and doing whatever he feels like instead.

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