On Jan. 6, the U.S. Capitol building was stormed by domestic terrorists, the first time it has been breached, I believe, since the War of 1812. These terrorists were encouraged in this action by a sitting U.S. president, who refuses to accept the will of the American people as it was expressed in the 2020 election.

Together, the terrorists and the president have mounted an attack on our democracy. The attempted coup — and its needless display of violence — have resulted in injuries and death.

That U.S. citizens have assaulted this most sacred symbol of our shared national beliefs and values is unconscionable and deplorable. We stand for freedom and self-government. We represent this to the world, and we must continue to do so. We must reclaim the ability to disagree peacefully and to debate our differences using the tools of persuasion and dialogue.

Mark Rankin


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If a few angered folks carrying flagpoles and yeti mugs are capable of storming one of the most secure buildings in D.C. we are in deep doo doo!


LOL. Good one Dant. I agree.


Based on the terms and talking points you employ in your letter, Mr. Rankin, I do not think you are sincere in your desire to reclaim “the ability to disagree peacefully and to debate our differences using the tools of persuasion and dialogue”. You would also not word your comments to insinuate the 5 reported deaths were at the hands of Trump supporters. Two reportedly died from heart attacks, 1 apparently was accidentally trampled, one capitol police officer died but the circumstances remain murky (one unverified report says he was struck with a fire extinguisher and died later of a stroke), and one unarmed female was shot to death by another capitol police officer. Ironically, the five reported dead were all Trump supporters.

A historical side note in regard to your claim concerning the capitol being “breached” for the first time since 1812:

In 1954 Puerto Rican separatists gained access to the capitol building and shot 5 congresscritters.

In 1915 a bomb was detonated in the reception room of the Senate by a German sypathizer.

In 1971 the leftist group “Weather Underground” detonated a bomb on the ground floor of the US Capitol. Interesting note: Bill Ayers was a co-founder of the Weather Underground. Charges against him and his wife for other bombing were dropped. He went on to become a professor specializing in education reform, curriculum, and instruction (yeah, I know).

In 1983 the leftist “Armed Resistence Unit” detonated a bomb outside senate minority leader Robert Byrd’s office.


Donald, that post is going to leave marks!




I agree with my good friend, Bishopsboy. Great post Donald.


Donald: Please. You are using the same shifty "cause of death" slight of hand that others have used for the coronavirus death count. By simple cause-and-effect: if the Capital had not been breached by these nuts, those 5 people would still be alive. And your "breaching" factoids, if correct, aren't terribly relevant; Rankin said he wasn't sure about the 1812 citation. This was not a letter that called for a harsh rebuttal.


Well it certainly takes the wind out of Botox Nancy's impeachment sails.

BTW, isn't that domestic terrorist Bill Ayers the same Bill Ayers who was a contributor, friend, and mentor to Zero? Maybe we should impeach Zero and suspend his Facebook and Twitter accounts and blacklist all his cabinet members.


Last Wednesday I watched Trump speaking to the crowd with a growing sense of horror. Trump, his son, and Giuliani whipped those assembled into a frenzy by hammering on the much-discredited idea of election fraud and encouraging people to rise up and fight. Since then, the FBI has shown multiple instances of violent plots against our government being developed over the internet. The actions of Trump and his allies over the last two months have been so disruptive and so over-the-top that your comments about Ayers and Obama seem trivial in comparison. Trump is getting himself involved in some serious illegal activity that should bring him severe punishment.


Yeah, right, dearest Susan. Ayers' group bombs the Capitol and it's trivial compared to some wingnut sitting in Pelosi's chair taking a selfie and stealing her laptop! You just discredited yourself.


Please tell me you’re not a “root causer”, Mr. LVW. A butterfly in California (where else?) flapped its wings, causing a disturbance in the air. It grew, spread and caused a typhoon in Japan.

Even if your depiction of Jan 6th were accurate, correlation is not causation.


Donald reframed Mr. Rankin’s points in a more accurate context and I saw nothing harsh within that. Donald frequently does that (with respect and courtesy) and that’s constructive dialogue. Or at least it was before “cancel culture” and the wide scale suppression of free speech.

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