In his truly bizarre inaugural address, Trump loudly proclaimed, “This American carnage stops right now.” Even former President George W. Bush said it was some weird stuff — though that wasn’t the exact word he used in his amazement. That he invited and then incited a wild mob of thugs and then launched them upon the Capitol to wreck havoc near the end of his presidency was a perfect historical bookend to solidify his place at the very bottom of all American presidencies in so many ways.

Sadly our 6th District Congressman Ben No Spine Cline — who was one of the Capitol Hill hostages himself — still doesn’t dare denounce or defy Trump, who clearly enjoyed the chaos he had caused, tweeting, “I love you” to his thugs from the White House. A Capitol Police officer was beaten to death with a fire extinguisher by the mob, among other police injuries, but Trump got his revenge and Cline again kissed his ring.

Tom Yeager


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Earlier this week, Jordan Klepper of The Daily Show interviewed some of the terrorists descending on the Capitol. He got into a debate with one young man who claimed that the election results could be negated at that point. Klepper suggested that perhaps this young man should devote more study to our Constitution. The man admitted he had only read "part" of the Constitution, and when Klepper told him the document was relatively short, the man refused to believe him. He got into an argument with Klepper about the length of the Constitution, when obviously he had no idea how long the document is. This is the kind of thing that I deplore in Trump and in many of his supporters -- the ability to argue about something they know nothing about. And, in Trump's case, the ability to persuade people to agree with you and follow you!


Oh Tom, give it a rest. Ben Cline did the right thing and stood on the side of truth. I'm proud of him for the stance he has taken against this obviously stolen election. He will receive my vote again in 2022.


Amen. I agree completely and will also vote for Cline in 2022.


Satan aka Royal Holer, It looks like it's "Party" Time again, for you two. Explain to me, how No Spine Cline could vote to object to the certification of Biden as President? Just hours after a mob came in and destroyed where he worked, overran the police, one cop killed and many hurt, officials hiding in rooms for hours to avoid the mob, including himself, knowing the election was not stolen and Biden was going to be certified to be President after the proceedings were finished. Con Don said Pence could overturn the election. If No Spine Cline didn't know better, he evidently hasn't read the Constitution or if he didn't want to read, he could have known this by just watching TV, other than FOX. As I have said No Spine Cline is a rubber stamp for the Republicans, this totally shows it! I am looking forward to hear your respectful answer. Have a great day!

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