I rise in defense of America’s Founding Fathers. In a letter published March 8, John Belmont apparently lumped them with conservatives whom he called “a bunch of cheating scum.”

Mr. Belmont wrote, “Conservatives can’t win in America without gaming the system, and they know it. First they developed the Electoral College to unfairly benefit smaller states…”

Excuse me. As everyone knows, the Electoral College has been U.S. law since 1787 when it was included in the U.S. Constitution by cheating scum like George Washington, James Madison, Ben Franklin, Alexander Hamilton and 35 other members of the Constitutional Convention. And they had very good reasons for doing so.

Cheating scum? The father of our country George Washington? The father of the Constitution James Madison? Good Lord. What have we come to?

Horace Moody


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Could it be that today, the Good Lord has turned many over to a reprobate mind?


Most definitely. We call those people Demokkkrats.


Leblu, yes.


Yea and those people are quite devoid of sense and likely mentally ill, like most liberals truly are!


Not mentally ill Newshound. Evil.

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