Thomas Imeson is offended that Mwizenge Tembo made parallels between racism in the United States and apartheid in South Africa (“Writer’s Apartheid Parallel Absurd,” July 28).

Imeson points out that we have no de jure discrimination against Blacks. Affirmative Action and the Voting Rights Act support equality, and statistics suggest that Blacks are doing well compared to other minorities. Altogether a good argument.

In fairness to Mr. Tembo, however, it might be more accurate to admit that the ghost of apartheid, Jim Crow, still hangs over this country, and it is this predicament that has led to the protests of Black Lives Matter — and closer to what was promised by the Emancipation Proclamation. The law (de jure) is one thing; the facts on the ground are often something quite different.

It takes more than white logic to understand what it means to be a person of color in this country.

George Wead


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Mr. Wead, logic doesn't come in colors. Logic is, by its very nature, defined by facts and reason. Mr. Imeson's Open Forum was the epitome of reason, while Mr. Tembo's arguments are pure left wing fantasy. To the extent that racism exists in this country, it is 100% caused, aided, and abetted by the Demokkkrat party. The Demokkkrat party supports slavery, segregation, the Ku Klux Klan, eugenics, the murder of millions of black babies, failing inner city schools and communities, and overall racial hatred and division. For evidence, look no further than Virginia's current Demokkkrat Governor Ralph Coonman Northam, a proven Klansman who openly condones murdering black and brown babies right up through the ninth month of pregnancy, and even after birth. We need to defeat and destroy this evil racist party before they destroy our entire Christian history and heritage.


Amen, St. Prodigal.


Thank you my Royal Zambian Brother.


Yes, Prodigal. We've heard this all before ... many times. Do you hear yourself talking? Do you realize how crazy you sound when you say that, "To the extent that racism exists in this country, it is 100% caused, aided, and abetted by the Demokkkrat party"? The tone of your letters is growing more stringent. I advise you, please, to SEEK HELP!


Good morning M S, and thank you once again for your kind words. As for your commentary on my post, you can look it up. Every word in my post is well documented, historical fact. The Demokkkrat party is racist and evil; simple as that.


Prodigalson, you are correct. I never was very political nor did I follow politics in general for much of my younger life but after joining the military and getting a first hand look at leadership and the importance of it I soon realized how much politicians control things in this country. I have been watching and listening for a number of years now and I have seen the evil that is the Democrat party and it has spread tremendously in the past 20 years....not that it wasn't always there but that it was kept under the rug as much as possible. That has changed, the Democrats are no longer ashamed of the evil they push and have become emboldened to the point of violence toward anyone who does not agree. Their agenda is a direct path to the destruction of America and it only leads me to believe they have become infiltrated with outside influences that are slowly but surely chipping away at the foundations of the greatest country ever. I think greed and hate has fueled the speed with which it is happening and unfortunately its not just Democrats, there are enough greedy Republicans to keep the destruction on track!


pretzelman jr aka prod, Give me your thoughts on that important voice, Stella Immanuel, that Dr. Trump thinks is so great. What do you think of her reasoning of endometriosis, cysts and infertility are caused by individuals having sex with demons and witches in their dreams? What about her claiming ALIEN DNA is currently used in medical treatments and scientists are developing a vaccine to prevent people from being religious. She also says there is a cure for the "Virus" and masks are not necessary. Ask Herman Cain if he wished he would have worn a mask to Dr. Trump's rally in Tulsa. May he rest in peace!


Thank you Dant. And yes, I agree with you that Demokkkrat evil has always been there, but that they they have reached a point where they no longer try to disguise their intentions. I also agree that there are many Republicans, whether because a hidden agenda or because of a lack of courage, who are to blame as well. Either way, it's destroying the country.


Well, we see who has taken over this chat room. Driller, do your thing Brother.


Good afternoon Driller, and thank you once again for your extremely kind words. I've not followed Stella's writings, thoughts, etc., as you probably have, and so I have no idea whether she is correct about sexual relations with witches and demons causing cysts, endometriosis, etc., but generally speaking, I would not advise having sexual relations with witches or demons because if one does, one is likely to end up in the hot place with Santa; sizzle, sizzle, sizzle.

Driller, you really do need to stay off of the wacky weed. It's starting to affect your congnitive abilities.


“Mr. Wead, logic doesn't come in colors.”

Indeed, Mr. prodigalson. The concept comes directly from the poisonous ideology of multiculturalism which feeds freely from the post modernist gibberish of the Derridas, Foucaults and other lesser luminaries of deconstructive pseudo thought.


Partisan ignorance is strong with this one.


Pretzelman jr, Remember lets round up the Saudi Republicans and defeat them!! They are pure evil!!


Again Driller, why do you persecute my people? Never in a million years, when I was a young lad riding my camel across the sands of Saudi Arabia with Harvabdul Omar Yodakeem-Stoltzfus, , did I think that I would be afforded the opportunities and blessings that this beautiful country has to offer. Amazingly, when I arrived in the United States some years later, I learned that there are folks like you who are too ignorant to realize how good they have it.

Come join us, my brother, drop your self-imposed Demokkkrat shackles, and take advantage of all that the land of milk and honey has to offer.


Pretzelman aka Prod, Again, you claim you don't know much about Stella Immanuel, but I'm sure you saw the videos of Stella speaking, if not get on You Tube and view them. Why do you think Dr. Trump thinks she is such an important voice? Do you really think Dr. Trump believes individuals have sex with demons and witches? Do you believe that individuals have sex with demons and witches? You don't want to talk about Dr. Trump and his great voice, Stella. 155,000 Americans now dead and still no National Plan. Dr. Trump says we are doing fine even though Dr. Brix doesn't think so. She's pathetic! Do you believe people that have worked on infectious diseases for a lifetime or those two new comers Dr. Trump and Stella?

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