A response to the open forum by Dr. L.W. Roller ("Having An Honest, Legitimate Election," Jan. 5). The delay in getting election results was due to the large number of (legal) mail-in votes and some states don't allow counting these votes to even start until Election Day. You implied falsely (as the current president does) that illegal votes were counted and legal votes were thrown out.

The truth is that it was a fair election as attested to by Attorney General Bill Barr, the person in charge of watching for cyberattacks and all of the state elected officials (including those from both parties).

Finally, had it not been a legitimate election, surely President Trump's legal team could have found and presented supporting evidence of fraud. Instead all of the 50 court cases claiming election fraud were thrown out by judges (appointed by presidents of both parties). Biden/Harris were fairly elected.

Burleigh Franks


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“SB 1139 will establish requirements that animal-drawn vehicles operating on highways be equipped with a brake system, tires and wheels, headlamps, hazard lights, reflectors, rearview mirrors and horns.”

In an unusual move, the Governor intervened demanding additions to the bill to include: No obnoxiously large front chrome grills or tailfins, no overly tinted windows, no jacked-up rear wheels, and no talking to the driver while the vehicle is in motion. It must also include amendments mandating a seat belt for each occupant (if no more anchor points are available, a seat belt must at least be held in the left hand of each additional passenger or fraction thereof), all passengers must wear festive clothing so they will be more visible at night when changing a wheel, and each animal must be equipped with a self-capturing emissions recyclable scatological converter to ensure it meets emissions standards as well as measuring the real-time health of the animal. The Governor may want more changes but he has to first check in with his owners.


“Del. Karrie Delaney, D-Loudoun, is sponsoring a resolution to make Nov. 12 Uyghur American Friendship Day.”

In a last minute move, the Delegates have set this bill aside until it can be reviewed and approved by CCP chairman Xi.


Satan aka Royal Holer, Seems like a basement door was worth 7 million more popular votes and over 70 Electoral College Votes than Super Spreader Con Don rallies.


Dearest Driller, thank you for your comments. Remarkably a basement dweller will indeed become our next President due to mail in balloting irregularities and fraud. Hopefully, Mr. Biden will be more of a President Trump than a President Buchannan, but time will only tell. Like you I wish President Trump every success in the next chapter of his life. May God impart much needed peace, wisdom, and knowledge to you today and every day going forward.


prod, looks like you need more cheese to go with your WHINE!!


Plenty of evidence but a greater amount of cowardice to offset it.

Sheryl Atkission (an actual reporter) has really comprehensive manifest but google appears to be censoring everything inconvenient these days.

At any rate, the Trump deranged aren't really interested in seeing it.


I did read the material posted by Sheryl Atkisson at the website you posted below. There are several items on the list that I intend to check out further. However, the list has some of the same problems I have seen in other articles about "plenty of evidence" of voting misdeeds. Many report only "he said, she said" material; there is no proof that anyone has followed such leads and found actual misdeeds. Many of the items are based on past actions -- such-and-such a district has always voted this way, but it didn't in 2020. With 2020's record number of voters and the large number of mail-in votes, this has been an extraordinary year for elections. Patterns in evidence for many years may have changed because of this. Finally, many of the items are basically attacks on mail-in or early voting. Please remember that commentators have long bemoaned the low election participation in this country. Coronavirus necessitated implementing changes that have previously been proposed for increasing election participation -- extended voting days and greater access to mail-in ballots, for example. Some missteps may result from the newness of procedures, not from intentional fraud.

At its heart, this argument is a game of "who do you trust?" Election officials released their results, and many Trump supporters said they did not trust these officials. Judges, appointed by both parties, reviewed the fraud claims presented in court, and many Trump supporters said they did not trust the judges. Trump supporters say that many of us are "Trump deranged," and do not pay attention to the "facts." How do we break this stalemate? A special commission appointed by Congress? Could the members come to an agreement, and would their findings be accepted? Have we created a no-win situation?


Burleigh, the election was stolen, and everyone (including you ) knows it. It's been caught on video. Just because the people who had the power to do something about it didn't have the moral courage to do the right thing doesn't mean it didn't happen.

Joe Cornwell

The election was not stolen. The people voted and the results do not satisfy you Prod. I thank God for a country where you and I can voice our opinion. I do not agree with your assessment however I do not want your opinion to be stifled.


prod ,As I have said dozens of times on this post, you keep claiming the election was stolen, give us some EVIDENCE.!! Be a Con Don hero and send your evidence to Con Don's lawyers!! If you have evidence show it, if not, Shut your Crybaby mouth!!


Took a bit of digging...



One of my favorites is the thousands of "mail in ballots" that had -no- folds in them.


Yes Deft. The evidence is literally everywhere, but as you say, the Trump Deranged have no desire to see it, and get angry every time someone points it out. Dementia Joe is not legitimate, and everyone knows it. It's really sad that our country has come to this.


Biden is a failed President out the gate (or basement door if you will).

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