In a letter to the editor by Eugene Souder, “A Pledge Many Are Breaking,” July 15, read that proposed laws are making it increasingly difficult to vote.

Nonsense. I cannot board an airplane without showing ID. If I want to buy alcohol, I must show an ID. Neither expectation makes my choices “more difficult.” Each is a minor hoop I must jump through to accomplish my goal.

There is nothing restrictive about expecting a voter to have proof of who she is. It is called election integrity.

Matt Olcott

Fort Defiance

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Democrats insist that if you believe in election integrity that you are a racist.


billy, that is spot on. There is no level too low for Democrats to stoop to in order to steal an election. Some people are offended by calling Democrats evil but that’s what they are with few exceptions. (i.e. LVW who just needs to let go of his hatred for President Trump.)


Not to mention that I have to provide i.d. to exercise a Constitutionally guaranteed right every time I buy a firearm.

Of course requiring an i.d. to vote makes it harder for the Democrats to steal elections; you know, like they did in 2020.


Amen Deft.


I agree with my good friend Bishopsboy Matt. your letter is excellent. I fear, though, that you may have inadvertently "misinterpreted" Mr. Souder's letter. I think what he was really trying to say is that he doesn't like the new, more restrictive voting rules because it makes it more difficult for Demokkkrats to cheat.


I agree with all of you...great posts!


Mr. Olcott, excellent letter. You nailed it.

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