After reading Lawrence Miller's open forum, "Honoring Turner Ashby?" (Jan. 8), it is obvious he has a ways to go before he understands Ashby or Lee or Jackson and why they fought for the South during the War of Northern Aggression. Take Ashby. He was not a slave owner nor did he ride the countryside hunting slaves; I do not know where you got your information but you did not mention them in your letter.

If you and others were offended by the name, then you could have transferred. Jackson was hard to get along with but even he wept at the news of Ashby's death. If you do not find Ashby an honorable man, then go look at yourself in the mirror. The reason he was so effective was the respect others had for him who rode with him. I am proud to have earned a diploma at Turner Ashby.

Steven Layman


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Assuming your version of Mr. Ashby is correct, Mr. Layman – and I have no reason to think it is not --perhaps Mr. Miller is simply a victim of the Zinnification of US history.

R B Tate

Well put Mr. Layman. I think that Miller got his information from the guy who wrote revisionist hit pieces called "cultural biographies" some years back. In my opinion, the best biography on Turner Ashby was writted by the great historian James "Bud" Robertson.


Great letter Steve. I agree.

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