The retort to the forum on apartheid parallel is proof that professor Tembo is spot on. The division in our country has created many alternate worlds. Apartheid (apart): “any system or practice that separates people according to color, ethnicity”; parallel: “aligned, coequal”. Misleading talking points: for example, the Voting Rights Act (1965 not 1964) was gutted in 2013, 48 years later, by the Supreme Court. Now that’s progress.

Picking a few victories over the course of 155 years should not be difficult. We have struggled, and many are starting to understand, particularly now that we have a fully racist president and administration regularly demonstrating the severity of the problem.

I suggest the author contact one of the organizations comprised of folks who help people understand misguided beliefs and are working to make it right — for example, Rednecks for Black Lives. It’s a bigger commitment than simply saying “brothers and sisters.”

Allen Clague III


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Allan--I admit the USA isn't perfect or even close to that. Tembo points out --if you read between the lines--how his life in South Africa or any African nation was not nearly as non-racist as the USA---others may be better--if so why are so many people of color trying to enter the USA--with the intenet people everywhere knows our race issues.

I ask you--what building, store, society, club, institution that will accept a White--can and does except people of color.

tell me what job that a white person holds does a person of color get less for doing?? What buss, train, aircraft are people of color excluded from.

Don't People of Color get preference to enter college, certain jobs, promotions

Honestly--what can I as a white person do that a person of color is excluded from doing---don't tell me all those hollywood, nba, MLb, Nfl are making more that I shall in 10 lifetimes--and 90 percent are of Color.?

Life for White people isn't much more fair than they are for people of color---forget the laws that were passed that favor Color over white---this isn't Africa, it's the USA. Don't lay their problems on the USA. It's time to know how much America has worked to make up for what people from Africa, England France, Europe brought to our shores--no American existed when that happened for the most part.


Sheridan---Lies and half truths --and making dogmatic statements without positive facts to back them up----that's mature.?????


More Claque trap---that says it all. Obviously the President he calls racist ---is among the best for supply good paying jobs for more Hispanic and African Americans than any Democrats have done in past history. How can that be if the President is racist?

When all other insults fail--use the one designed to denounce one who has shown he is color blind--use

RACIST. Only ignorant people use words of that nature to insult---so said my teacher Sister Zenophobic. If you can't beat him with facts ---make the up.


Mr. Clague, why have you not highlighted where these racist governing bodies are in power? They are the reason for this disaster and yet crickets from you. Does this mean you are a rac$$t? Why else would you cover up for these demonkkkrat governing bodies.


More evidence of the Clague plague! A fetish to flash the local public rancid thoughts from an afflicted mind.

Mike Muterspaugh

This from Clague 3 is inane, absurd and full lies (he is at least consistent). Clague, and those of his ilk, have divided this country to the point that I truly believe there is no going back. They rant and rave about how unjust America is to the ethnic groups, but the blacks, browns and Asians beg to come here. How much is enough? The answer is never will it be enough until whites totally surrender the greatest country the world has ever known to the bands of minority groups, propped up by the far left Democratic Party, that feel aggrieved for one reason or another. And the Democrats are doing it for one reason: power. When it all explodes, they will own it. God help us all.


Good work, guys. If you don't like what someone says, just call him and his efforts names. Not too mature . . .

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