Health check, mask, careful limits for retail stores.

How can restaurants get away with the carefree crowding and careless practices we endured this past weekend?

Terrible risk for service workers: those who take orders, deliver meals, and cook meals in crowded kitchens. Dish washers, too.

Also, worry about those who unpack food and beverages and put them in storage and the patrons, too!

Why? How?

Remember — if you hate masks, how will you feel about a ventilator?

Judith Wright Dayton

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Dant , I wouldn't listen to Dr. Trump or any Republican Politician especially Gas Mask Gaetz. Have you tried the prescriptions of Dr. Trump? Don't wear a mask, take Hydroxychloroquine, and find a disinfectant to inject into your body, seems interesting to me too. I'll take wearing the diaper rather than try Dr. Trump's prescriptions, even if only 50 doctors and experts told me to. How has Dr. Trump's prescriptions worked out for you?


Science, medicine, and logic have no place in right-wing land. How about this argument for wearing a mask in indoor establishments: until people feel safe, they will not venture out to purchase things. So if you are interested in economic recovery, just put on a freaking mask when you shop. It's a simple courtesy. You have heard of that word, right?


Gov Blackface Hick will NEVER get me to wear a mask and any health “monitor” may get a one-finger “wave”... I will consider a friendly request from a business owner but I do not plan to pass on any virus to anyone else because I had it and “lost it” (hardly knew I had it) like millions of others who have lived to tell about it. I trust people to be responsible but not most politicians—especially psychotic liberals using the illness for political power grabs and to just to be anti-Trump. I have lived nearly 60 years and will not live my last quarter century (I hope) in fear and existing in some alternate universe!


Great post Newshound! Excellent!


Newshound, Glad to hear you had the "Virus" and lived through it. Yes, millions of people have recovered from the "Virus" but try to talk to the 100,000 people and growing that died and were not as lucky as you. You and the super heroes on this blog say you're not going to do this and that, but not one time have you ever discussed the disrespect, from you and the heroes, for the health care workers or the grocery clerks and others that you could be infecting. Sure the way you heroes think, it doesn't matter as long as you can get what you want and can do what you want. Why is this a liberal power grab? The Government is lead by Dr. Trump and Mr. Pence, why was the 15 day and 30 day guidelines so bragged up by Dr. Trump and Mr. Pence? By them, what they did saved millions of lives by distancing and wearing a mask, why is it different now? The "Virus" hasn't changed and doesn't seem to be going away. I wonder why Ivanka and her kids are wearing a mask and even Moscow Mitch is wearing a mask and telling people to wear a mask. If you and the heroes are so tough and can beat everything that comes along in your life, at least show some respect for the people that are doing a job for you and might not be as healthy as you.


How can someone be so gullible to believe one side of an argument when there is another side telling you the opposite? Open your eyes look around and think a little for yourself....common sense goes a long way in a long and healthy life. If you are 65 or older with any health issues be cautious...if you have health issues at any age like diabetes, cancer, respiratory problems, obesity, etc. be cautious. If you are healthy, young,or middle-aged even if you become infected you have a 98% recovery tell me why you're scared? Over 500 doctors have come out saying ending the lockdown should happen immediately or it could cause even more deaths...500 doctors...think about that!


Great post Dant.


Dant, Who is being gullible? Tell me what is being cautious? Were the people in the Nursing Homes being cautious, I'm sure they were not out dancing and partying. Seems to me you can be as cautious as you want to be, but some young healthy person can give you the "Virus" and they don't even know they are spreading it. You say 98 percent of young people will survive, but what happens if you are in the 2 percent that doesn't survive? What about if you get the "Virus" why do you want to endanger the Health Care Workers? You claim your wife is a Dr., does she work on the frontlines or does she have able to work when she wants to and doesn't have to deal with the "Virus"? I'm not scared of the "Virus", but I do respect it greatly with my health issues. You seem to take these numbers as just numbers and not taking them as people. Why do you use the figure 500 doctors? I can think about it and am sure I can get 500 Doctors that will say it is essential to wear a mask to slow the "Virus" down. Who do you want me to believe, the Experts and Dr. Trump's Surgeon General and Government Agencies that say wear a mask to slow the "Virus" down or like Dr. Trump, don't wear a mask ,take hydroxychloroquine and find some disinfectant to inject into your body. Go ahead and follow Dr. Trump's ideas, think about that!!


Driadly, you make too much sense. Sadly, there are other people who have shown they have no common sense at all. Look at the Ozarks and the beaches. But then again, I did hear they were going to make Clorox chewable gummy bears [lol][lol]


“How can restaurants get away with the carefree crowding and careless practices we endured this past weekend?“

Uh-oh, the smell of the Red Hen house and stinky brown shirts is in the air again.


As more and more people get tested one thing is becoming crystal clear, the risk is not *terrible* as the author has been scared by the fake news into believing, it’s *minimal*, as in as of today, 0.05% of Rockingham County residents have tested positive, and a tiny fraction of that 0.05% are hospitalized with it. For this we are panic buying, needlessly destroying the livelyhoods of our residents, destroying their businesses, walking around with masks on that cannot stop the virus, and standing six feet apart to prevent catching a virus that can travel hundreds of feet *after* it passes through your mask. At least I can go to church this weekend thanks to President Donald J Trump insisting our religious freedoms not be trampled on one minute longer by our overzealous, power drunk, liberal governor.


Amen to that Billy. Great post!


prod aka Pretzelman Jr. People like you and these tough guys saying they won't wear a mask are a lot of the problem, that is causing the nation from getting back on track. What is the big deal about wearing a mask to protect the people around you. If there is nothing beneficial to wearing a mask, why is Ivanka and her kids wearing a mask and even Moscow Mitch is wearing a mask and telling people to wear a mask. 100,000 dead because of the "Virus" that Dr. Trump said in March we have it under control.


Driller, If Republican politicians or Trump supporting doctors told you wearing a diaper in public would stop the spread of the virus, but 500 other doctors said it was a lie would you still wear one?


Unhinged Want to be Comrade Bill, If you would have gotten out of bed you could have gone to church on May 17, as part of the Governors Phase 1 Program. Churches could open up at 50 percent capacity. Dr. Trump had nothing to do with opening up churches. More Dr. Trump BS. Maybe people are not being panicked and are using good common sense, when Dr. Trump and his experts(He said the greatest experts in the world) were saying to distance and wear masks. The experts are still saying to wear masks to try to keep you from giving other people the "Virus". Have respect for other people and wear the mask. If the masks and distancing didn't work why did Dr. Trump and Mr. Pence say we must follow their 15 and 30 day guidelines and because we did they said it saved thousands of lives? We would still have Task Force Briefings, if Dr. Trump hadn't prescribed injecting disinfectants into our bodies. He thought it was interesting. I don't remember hearing masks will stop the "Virus", but I did hear them say the masks will slow down the "Virus". The only reason Dr. Trump wants to open the Country up so soon, regardless of how many more deaths it causes, he knows he is in major political trouble with over 40 million people signing up for unemployment in the last 10 weeks, and unemployment at 14.7 percent. You better head to Washington and help Dr. Trump find the greatest economy I will ever see in my lifetime.

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