Republicans and their views on critical race theory have reached a new low in the recent mailing from House candidate Chris Runion, in which he says, “Our kids need us working for them, not using them as political tools.”

Where does he get this idea that CRT is to use our children as political tools, suggesting that understanding our past U.S. history will somehow create radical revolutionaries. He goes on to hysterically write against “a child’s gender identity," “white supremacist education system,” and “allowing males to play in women only sports.” Where does he get these ideas that our Rockingham County Public Schools will consider all of these things if he is not elected?

I thought he was running for another term in the Virginia House.

Where does he get his ideas that our county school board will be mandated to “play politics with our children,” unless he is elected? Perhaps his Republican endorsed school board candidate Matt Cross also believes these heated accusations against the public education system in our county.

Where do they get these scare tactics except from the recent Republican rulebook against examining the Jan. 6 insurrection and the 2020 election results into what really happened, as opposed to what they would like it to have been? There is a difference between what is true, fair and just, as opposed to what is false, unfair and unjust. Our children need to be taught history in a balanced, responsible and truthful way, rather than by current Republican rantings.

Andy Sale


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Actually, Mr. Sale, the American education system is based on the “Prussian Model” which was implemented as both a socio-political and economic tool to serve the interests of the State, society and the emerging industrial needs of the country. It was the adoption of this model, beginning in some states in the mid 1800s that resulted in mandatory tax-funded compulsory attendance, a distinct number of grade levels, the slicing up of concepts to be taught in stages, and the inculcation of loyalty not to one’s People but to a concept.

CRT, which is a manufactured political hate-narrative based on racially targeted hatred toward Western Man -- the intention being the furthering of the intended cultural genocide of the West – simply finds the current educational structure in the West to be very conducive to manipulation to this end. So, I find it quite disingenuous to suggest that schools are not “political”.

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