So much for the “Dog Days of August.” We got rain instead! And now we have the “Maze Days” of September.

Back to school days have really become a maze; five days a week; three days a week; which days?, home-schooling; virtual online instruction; Saturdays perhaps? Which way to turn? These are basically district and state decisions; but where does this leave the popular factor, masks or not?

I’m sure, if asked, most students want to be back with their friends and teachers in their familiar school setting. After six months with little social interaction, they’re feeling “it’s time!” And truth be told, most parents feel the same!

However, the safety dilemma still lurks over teachers, staff and parents for which returning to work is a necessity. This leaves a crisis in our country that has now become political. As if we don’t have enough chaos already.

Lynda L. Broadaway


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Lynda, the reason the kiddies are not back in school has nothing to do with the Chinese Flu. It has to do with the fact that the Demokkkrat party is attempting to shut the entire economy down in order to damage President Trump's reelection chances. It's not going to work though. They aren't going to be able to drag Joe Biden, the creepy old senile rapist, over the finish line.

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