I am fortunate to live in my hometown. I’ve lived here for 66 years and don’t plan on moving soon. We have history and our own museum, excellent educational institutions, places to go for cultural and religious experiences, parks for recreation and sports, commerce and places of employment, fire and rescue stations that need our financial help right now, a renowned facility for senior citizens, easy access to medical care and sidewalks that don’t roll up after dark.

On the negative side we seem to have more than enough common bermuda (wire grass) and car and truck drivers in a big hurry to get somewhere. Bridgewater now has speed limit signs that read 25 mph on practically every wide thoroughfare, broad avenue and narrow street. Please when traveling through my hometown, slow down to keep it the safest and best town in Virginia.

Philip Hutchinson


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Well for one, this is what happens when you put not one but two HUGE facilities smack dab in the middle of a tiny town, right on its Main St. You're going to get lots of trucks and lots of cars of the employees at Purdue and Marshalls, all looking to get to work in a hurry and get out of work in a hurry. Secondly, the town had to lower the limit to 25 throughout the entire town solely to appease the seniors, who live in one part of town and who want to drive their golf carts instead. I don't think the police are going to hassle too many people for doing 35 on what used to be 35 and is nowhere near the retirement homes, (like Oakwood Drive).


Not sure I can include Bermuda Grass, but otherwise my area shares Bridgewater's traffic dilemma. Unfortunately however, in the era of defund/hate the police, all you can hope for is driver's concern and goodwill. BTW, traffic in my area approaches near bedlam frequently.

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