Pretend I am a lobbyist for a weapons manufacturer. Am I shy about calling Sen. Tim Kaine, Congressman Ben Cline or Sen. Mark Warner? If I want them to, say, spend nearly $800 billion of our tax dollars on someone’s military “wish list," am I hesitant to call? I think not.

But as an ordinary citizen here in the Shenandoah Valley, what I want is for our taxes to be used to educate the young, to support public services, to maintain roads, to bolster employment, and to facilitate some real justice on all levels. I can lobby too!

We can bet that our legislators hear from lobbyists from the weapons companies all the time.

Call Congress. Tell them what we want, what we need. We don’t want all that massive military spending. Go right ahead and lobby them for what we want and need! Their staff people who answer the phone are not only easy to talk to, they tend to agree with us. They are ordinary citizens just like we are.

Sen. Warner 202-224-2023, Sen. Kaine 202-224-4024, Rep. Cline 202-225-5431

Kathleen Temple


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Well, since the media and all the crowd of somebodies who are somebody are not bothering to call for a celebration of a holiday tied to the very beginning 400 years ago of what was to become the greatest nation the world has ever known, I guess I will. I convey to the memory of the Pilgrims my thanks for their extraordinary courage, fortitude, and faith without which all the subsequent good that followed would never have been or would have been much delayed on the then still ripening vine of Western Man.


Amen to that Donald. Happy Thanksgiving, my Brother.


And an enjoyable Thanksgiving to you as well, Mr. prodigalson.[smile]

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