Doug Grigg has learned well from his mentor Donald Trump (“Democratic Party Modern Criminals,” Nov. 1). In four short paragraphs he managed to call the Democratic Party criminals, arrogant, ignorant, dishonest, corrupt, impotent, do-nothings, vulgar and obscene. And that’s how you keep America great again?

Rick Kinkead

Weyers Cave

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It's Grigg; what do you expect?


By the way I see none of the words you used in your comments in Mr. Griggs comments....are you seeing words others can't or are you just being dishonest like other liberals?


Yes, they are there. Are you looking at the Nov. 1 letter? Pretty typical name-calling from the right. Perhaps some of you could turn you brain power away from vocabulary-building and toward means of reconciling. However, I'm sure it will be easier for you to disparage my suggestion than to act upon it.


If the shoe fits I guess you have to wear it......are his comments untrue?


Truth hurts doesn't it!

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