Is Donald Trump a good president or not? Why did I and many other Christians vote for him? Donald Trump, in my opinion, is the best U.S. president since Ronald Reagan.

Donald Trump may not be a born-again believer in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, only God knows that, but God is still on the throne and God has used Donald Trump.

What other president has had the guts to move the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem? What other president has appointed two very good men to the Supreme Court? What other president has tried to put a stop to illegal immigration?

I believe with all my heart that God has put his hands on Donald Trump’s shoulders to lead and guide him in making these decisions.

We all need to support this man, pray for him and re-elect him in 2020. Thank you.

Richard Hotz


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Mr. Hotz,

Good morning. My name is Matthew Bucher and I would welcome an opportunity to hear more of your thoughts. If you would be open to meeting me for lunch, please feel to reach out by email ( or phone (717-644-2078).

Sane Man

I would like to hear some thoughts regarding Trump's performance by some of the folks that did not vote for him because of their "conscience." I would also like to hear how they plan to vote in the next election. [whistling]

Sane Man

I did not expect to hear from any of them because they are cowardly buffoons. They hide in their closets, sucking their thumbs, while claiming to be Republicans. Yes, I'm calling out you so-called Republicans!


President Trump is cleaning house in D.C. slowly but surely.....the Democrats were on their way to destroying America and have now been exposed for the corrupt scum they are. Trump 2020!


Well, that's a bit much too.


If we think back to the primaries, the others on the stage were accusing Trump of being too liberal and now he is leading the Conservative fight. So glad I voted for Donald Trump and can't wait to do it again.


Great letter Richard. Although I voted for Trump, I had many reservations about him initially. I saw my vote for him as a vote for the best of two undesirable alternatives. I'll admit, though, he has done a far better job as president than I thought he was going to do. I've been very pleased with his job performance as president.

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