Overjoyed that its obedient followers in the Virginia Republican Party once again killed desperately needed gun control proposals after our latest massacre in Virginia Beach, the NRA has rewarded them with an additional $200,000 for their re-election campaigns.

Virginia's Republican legislators have repeatedly proven themselves to be subservient to the lobbyists of the firearms industry no matter what, where or who the horrific carnage brought by putting firearms industry profits first instead of public safety. Children and teenagers are tired of lockdown drills that kids in other countries don't have to endure.

Virginia Republicans will clearly never disobey their NRA paymasters. The slim majority the GOP holds in the state legislature can be and should be defeated on Nov. 5. It's time to send some real shock and awe to the NRA by throwing out these representatives — ending their political careers will save real lives.

Tom Yeager


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Do people realize that they NRA isn't a machine that sets an agenda and punishes whoever disagrees. The NRA is basically a collection of voters. It represents people. Anything you say about them you're saying about their membership.


Yet another letter-writer suffering from the 3 "eyes" syndrome: Ignorance, irrational and incorrigible!


Thank God for the Donald Trump & the NRA! Can anyone even imagine what a cluster things would be if the HildaBeast had won the election? What a nightmare scenario. The nut jobs on the left would already have confiscated everyone's firearms, our economy would be tanking and we would have given away all our remaining freedoms in search of a false sense of security. Whew... scary!


mattnamyi, I seriously doubt the left would have confiscated anyones firearms...they may have tried but we would be in a civil war following that stupid move! No laws the left is proposing would stop mass murders from happening and would not have prevented 95% of the ones that have happened. It is scary indeed how deep in the sand the left's heads are when it comes to the second amendment. The left can't even explain what an assault weapon is but yet they want to ban them...insane!


That about sums it up correctly. Though I do think they would be out of volunteers for firearms collections duty by now.


You're right mattnamyj. Scary indeed!

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