The secretary of Navy said you “must follow good order and discipline” and that President Donald Trump doesn’t understand the “order of command.”

Sorry, secretary of the Navy. It is you who doesn’t understand. The Constitution made the president commander in chief. You report to him, not he to you. You suck your thumb and complain to the openly-hostile-to-Trump press. As a Marine airman your feet were dry and un-muddied and fired at an enemy miles away. The grunt Marine, SEAL or soldier fires at them from inches or feet, not miles. That anger of battle is not lost over night. You cannot consider your enemy as human or you won’t kill him. Finally, we have a president that does not require a lawyer with each American in combat, a president who thinks first of those on the line and less about the enemy.

James Kerwin


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The military also has the duty to ignore illegal or unconstitutional orders. Their duty is to the Constitution and the United States of America and THEN their commanding officer. This is what differentiates us from banana republics and petty dictatorships. In this case Mr. Trump supporting a war criminal harms military morale and undermines his own chain of command.

Sane Man

What "illegal or unconstitutional orders" did Trump give, and to whom?


Good question Sane Man. The order was "illegal and unconstitutional" because the Demokkkrats lost an election, they're bitter and angry about it, and it's just not fair! See how that works?


I admire your optimism in asking, but I can't find a liberal who can answer this question either,


Which war criminal? Speculation is the Democrats fact pool! When there is no proof convict anyway.....because we have second hand info that we believe, just ask Justice Kavanaugh!


It seems Mr. Spencer never served in a combat situation or had to face an enemy one on one....but yet he would ruin another soldiers career who has many times over! Even after another soldier came forward and claimed he was responsible for the death of the isis fighter. Trump has very good judgement about pansies and those who want power more than justice!


"The Constitution made the President Commander in Chief." So, you supported all Obama's decisions regarding the military, right?


Are you saying you did support all of Obama's decisions regarding the military??

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