Yes Virginia, there are UFOs. I witnessed them while taking my basic training at Fort Bragg, N.C., in April 1947. Company B was on fire watch at 3 a.m., burning off the underbrush in a wooded area.

I saw round discs, about 4 inches in diameter with a pale yellow glow, streaking across the sky. They would reach a certain point above us and then shoot up into space. Sometimes, one would stop at the “entrance” and wait for one or two others, then follow them into space.

I tried to find some point of reference to determine the location of the “window” they were using, but recognized none.

Dozens continued coming. What were they? We tried to get our sergeant’s attention, but he told us to put out the fires and we were trucked back to our barracks. The mystery was solved as we read about UFOs in the newspaper days later.

Dr. Larry Roller

Mount Sidney

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This explains a lot.


UFOs four inches in diameter - those must have been very small aliens!

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