As well as the DN-R, I regularly read the Washington Post. I am a moderate progressive and am pleased to see the op-ed by Mark Thiessen, “Trump Has Blood on his Hands”. Mr. Thiessen is normally very conservative (as many readers of the DN-R) and has been a regular supporter of Trump.

It is time for Rep. Cline to step up and do the same thing. Many of us were brought to tears when Trump got elected but did not become violent or call the election a fraud. We worked as best we could to keep him from destroying our great country. We have been scared for four years with his lack of true leadership and his pushing us apart with hateful rhetoric.

Let us hope that this nightmare will soon be over with a president who wants to be there for all of us. Thank you, DN-R, for publishing this op-ed. May we find common ground going forward.

Charles Strickler


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President* Xiden's not going to be here for "us" - he's barely here for himself.


Cline will not step up; too many of his constituents believe the lie. So I suppose, in a way, he is representing his constituents. This brings up an interesting question: if a politician knows his constituents are wrong, should s/he vote with them or vote with the truth? Because that certainly happens a lot.


Ben Cline did the right thing in standing up and opposing this stolen election. I have supported him in the past, and will do so again in the future. Thank you for standing on the side of truth Ben.


Prince Prodigal, my royal brother, I agree 100% and will also support Ben Cline for siding with Truth.


Satan aka Royal Holer, You and prod have no answers to defend Con Don , so you will have your little, I don't want to embarrass you and call it what LVW called it, but you know what it is, lets call it a "Party" with just the two of you. As I have said before, No Spine Cline is a rubber stamp for the Republicans.


It's easy to refer to a "stolen election," isn't it? A short phrase that refers to so many actions with such emotion attached to them! Not unlike "fake news." Trump has done the same thing with both of these phrases -- repeated them over and over without definitive proof, packed super-charged emotion into both, used them often enough that people come to accept them. Unfortunately, these phrases are built on shaky ground and many people have not accepted the underlying tales upon which they lie. Many people don't think about the basis of these phrases anymore; they just accept them without thought. That's Donald Trump true talent -- manipulating unthinking people. Send me a box of steaks, a case of so-so wine, and a worthless degree, please.


So true. In Mr. Trump's speech on Wednesday, he pretty much said that when an election is stolen, it's ok to do whatever it takes to take it back. In other words, permission granted to storm the capital and take prisoners.

To the Thread: I think we are finding out that what Mr. Trump has been selling for the past 6 years is pretty much what we have now, two impeachments and leaving office in disgrace.


4 years of a phony "Russian collusion" narrative followed by a stolen election because it didn't work.

That's what we're "finding out".


Actually, there was collusion, which is unethical but only borderline illegal. There were, however, 12 instances of obstruction of justice during the Mueller investigation, which is illegal and for which he could have and should have been impeached the first time.


sbsheridan, My Royal American Woman, I agree with you !00%. Great Post!

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