Twitter censored incriminating emails and photos from Hunter Biden's laptop, claiming their policies prevent sharing illegally obtained materials. However, the laptop was effectively sold to a computer repair shop via abandonment with an unpaid bill, and was legally shared with the FBI and others. Contrast to President Trump's tax returns, which were illegally leaked to the New York Times. Twitter had no problem with that content.

Twitter is lying about their political censorship. Should they be required to label these actions as campaign donations?

Andy Vogan

Penn Laird

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Google, Facebook, and Twitter are all conspiring to censor conservative content. They do not even try to hide it anymore. Just yesterday YouTube mass-deleted dozens of 'conservative' channels, while channels promoting left wing anarchists like Antifa and BLM remained. If you preach hate towards the right, they will propagate it, if you preach hate towards the left, you will be banned. The result of this is competing services like Parler and popping up and they will only grow in popularity. Congress needs to come down on these 3 though and remove the legal protections they are abusing to selectively censor content they don't agree with.


Great post Billy. I agree.


I no longer do FB and never have been on twitter.....if your looking for a more open and uncensored social media platform try Parler!


Great letter Andy. I agree.

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