School board elections are normally nonpartisan. Boards carry out state education guidelines and deal with local school matters. Its members must read, research and discuss in order to commit to policies. They must consider all students and teachers within a system, not just a vocal and often uninformed minority who assert themselves inappropriately.

The District 3 election includes one "endorsed" candidate. Sadly only this candidate is mentioned on the sample ballot handed out at the early voting site. This gives undue influence since unfortunately many voters do not study candidates, assessing those best suited to this often thankless public service position. The candidate most qualified in District 3 is Hilary Irons.

Hilary reads widely, considers carefully and understands that constituent questions deserve thoughtful answers based on evidence, not derision and avoidance when controversy arises. She recognizes the difference between legitimate parental input and involvement and the current climate of angry parents who seek to control decisions, wanting their interests represented rather than those of our diverse population.

As an educator and parent, she is uniquely poised to address the complex needs of and to support parents, students and professionals, all while fostering respectful discourse rather than jumping on a heavily scripted partisan bandwagon.

As a National Board certified teacher with 40 years in Rockingham County Public Schools, I can confidently say that Hilary Irons will navigate these challenging times with intelligence, heart, integrity and respect for all. Look beyond party ballot endorsement and vote to honor our public school system. Vote Hilary Irons.

Dee Grimm

Mount Crawford

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Matt Cross represents the values of this valley. He will be getting my vote.

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