What did you see on Jan. 6, 2021?

Did it look like an insurrection to you? Did it look like a normal tourist visit to the Capitol? Did it look like a riot, a peaceful demonstration, or hugs and kisses for the Capitol Police and the D.C. Police?

Whatever it was, would you like a bipartisan commission to investigate, take testimony from witnesses, review the video and physical evidence and report to Congress and the public about what really happened?

At least one Virginia congressman voted against such a bipartisan commission. You might check the record to see if it was your congressman, or perhaps not yours, but the one currently representing your district.

Robert Spiller

Penn Laird

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"Approximately seven minutes later, at 2:33 p.m., security footage showed five unauthorized individuals walking down the same hallway, past a police officer. The security footage, which did not include audio, appeared to show the police officer gesturing toward the doors as these individuals walked past him. Once at the double doors, one of the five individuals pushed the left door's crash bar and this time, it opened. All five individuals exited the building at approximately 2:33 p.m."

In other words Pelosi's cops ushered them in.

And another lamestream lie bites the dust.


In other stuff we were lied too about, Trump has been exonerated from the lying media charges that he ordered the clearing of Lafayette Park.

Just another reminder to ignore anything the lamestream media has to say about just about everything.

It's not about news anymore, it's about pushing the Democrat Party narrative of the day.


Trump was "exonerated" through a very limited "investigation" conducted by Trump's own hand-picked Inspector General. What a coincidence that tear gas and violence was used to disperse a crowd of protesters exercising their 1st amendment rights, hours before curfew, and JUST MINUTES before Trump planned to walk through the park to get his staged photo-op in front of a church. And Trump's stooge of an Inspector General said the two events were unrelated. Uh huh.

The fact that you, or anyone believes this garbage says a lot about a lack of critical thinking and dependence on whatever Fox Entertainment tells you to believe.


Yet you eagerly gobbled down 4 years of Russian "collusion" lies from the flack chumps at PMSNBC and CNN and whatever else they told -you- to believe.

You probably thought the Minneapolis looting, arson and murder were "mostly peaceful protests" too... LOL

You and Drillbot are running neck and neck for the prize...


LVW..did the bi-partisan "Mueller Report conclude that there was any Russian collusion? Then why does Pelosi, Schumer, et al on a list longer than the equator keep that dream alive?


Why? Because that puppet Barr told you so?

Myth: Mueller found “no collusion.”

Response: Mueller spent almost 200 pages describing “numerous links between the Russian government and the Trump Campaign.” He found that “a Russian entity carried out a social media campaign that favored presidential candidate Donald J. Trump and disparaged presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.” He also found that “a Russian intelligence service conducted computer-intrusion operations” against the Clinton campaign and then released stolen documents.


LVW: That is fine and well...but where is the part that says Putin and Trump met on such and such date and agreed to such and such? The Russian government can do whatever they want to reach certain outcomes but that does not mean Trump had input. Heck, I can do things to make it look like you are connected to a stinky sandwich from someone's rear, all without your knowledge or input.


posum: You are setting the bar pretty high there. Do you require video of Trump and Putin conspiring together at a poker game or what? My point is that the phrase "no collusion" in reference to the Mueller report is a typical Trump over-simplification. The Russkies definitely tried to aid Trump and hinder Clinton during the 2016 election. There was a definite stink on the whole affair, and Trump's defending -- and even admiring -- that murdering ex-spy Putin made it stink even worse. But yes, that was in the past, so let's move on.


"The National Guard Commanding General Maj. Gen. William J. Walker revealed in Congressional testimony in March that he received an “unusual” directive that amounted to a ‘stand down order’ over a concern for “optics.”

As another high-ranking Capitol Police official resigns, it is apparent that the writing as the wall. The U.S. Congress intends to use the police officers as a “shield” for its negligent, and quite possibly politically corrupt mismanagement of the security running up to the Capitol Riots.

While the Capitol Police resignations have come one after another following video evidence that protesters were simply let into the Capitol building, the person in charge of the House of Representatives’ security is ultimately Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

If the Capitol Riots’ security debacle is an offense worth resigning over, the first person to step down should be Speaker Nancy Pelosi."


LOL, that's the stuff: blame Pelosi so as to distract from the actions of your lunatic peeps' storming the Capital in a Third-World-type attempt to disrupt the results of an election.


Pelosi called a "stand down" in hopes that after her officers ushered in the mostly peaceful protesters some windows would get broken and she could flog her pre written "insurrection" narrative.

It worked, unfortunately an unarmed no threat female vet got murdered by a cowardly, poorly trained capitol cop.

The actual "third world" activity occurred earlier after the ballot boxes got stuffed in a few democrat run cities and the election got stolen.


DC: That's some wild theory you have there. Do you have a source other than some guy in his underwear posting from his mother's basement? Because I don't believe the recent bipartisan Senate report supports your theory.


Same con the local yokels in C'ville pulled by pulling the cops back so they could create some chaos they could blame on Trump. It's not really a mystery.


I saw trespassers and vandalism ... way less than the BLM riots and killings perpetrated in summer of 2020 and shrugged off by the media and dems as “mainly peaceful protests.”

Try again biased liberal!


Army Major Nidal Malik Hasan, while squealing Mr. Mo’s favored homily, “Allahu Achoo!”, murders over a dozen unarmed soldiers at Ft. Hood, wounds more. No congressional call for purges of extremists in the military.

Micah Xavier Johnson, Army veteran, murders 5 cops at Dallas blm-o march -- liked black nationalist groups on his facebook page. No congressional call for purges of extremists in the military.

John Muhammad 17 year army vetreran and beltway sniper, assisted by teenage punk, Malmo, murders ten and wounds more. No congressional call for purges of extremists in the military.

Unarmed white female Air Force veteran with heavily armed cops in back of her and in front of her starts to climb through window and is killed by unidentified capitol police officer. Congressional group demands purging of the military of “extremists” (a.k.a. Trump voters).



If these buffoons didn't have double standards they'd have none at all.

But you knew that.


Yes, you are correct sir!


If anyone really thinks there could be a bipartisan commission chosen by Democrats you are living in the land they want you to.....La La Land!


I was watching Cong. Ben Cline question AG Merrick, when he asked a simple question. Since you require an ID for a weapon, what is wrong with requiring an ID to vote ? No answer, another Mueller clone and to think that's who they put up for the Supreme Court!


During the Obama years, no one wanted bipartisan commissions to investigate, take testimony from witnesses, review video and physical evidence and report to Congress and the public about what really happened...so why bother now?


Another fake news loving sheep ordered to repeat the word “insurrection.” An insurrection is a violent act but the only violence that day was Lieutenant Michael Leroy Byrd of the Capitol Police shooting and killing an unarmed Ashli Babbitt. Number of Democrats demanding an investigation into her death? ZERO.

Did Minneapolis look like a peaceful demonstration, Robert? Did Portland look peaceful? Democrats insisted they were, I'm sure you do, too. 1,300 properties were damaged by BLM/Antifa in Minneapolis alone; investigations demanded by Democrats? Zero. Over a hundred properties burned to the ground by BLM and Antifa; investigations demanded by Democrats? Zero. NINETEEN people killed in the Floyd protests alone, investigations demanded by Democrats? Zero. The federal courthouse in Portland was firebombed, night after night, by Antifa members dressed in riot gear, attacking officers with rocks and firebombs. Investigations demanded by Democrats? Zero. Pelosi publically suggesting that more uprisings are needed; investigations demanded by Democrats? Zero. Kamala Harris demanding the protestors not let up; investigations demanded by Democrats over her rhetoric? Zero. Maxine Waters demanding that Trump supporters be terrorized, investigations demanded by Democrats? Zero.

Robert, are willing to demand your Virginia congressman investigate these criminal acts of actual violence or calling for more violence? Of course not, because you are a hypocrite of the highest order.


Spot on Billy.


He could be a charter member of that letter-writing campaign, a bought and paid for effort by George Soros!

Keep them coming ... they are amusing.


We could "see" a lot more if the powers that be would release thousands of hours of video from the dozens of security cameras placed throughout the grounds. But they won't for some reason. Perhaps it's that they want to preserve that "violent insurrection" narrative for crass partisan purposes, perhaps not. Perhaps you should ask them.


The reason is it would show their world class hypcorisy. Exactly why we'll never see the body cam footage of Lieutenant Michael Leroy Byrd as he murders an unarmed white woman.

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