It is noted that the Republican “Trumpets” are accusing the Democrats of a lack of transparency in the impeachment proceedings. Regarding transparency, what is being hidden and for what reasons? What’s in the president’s tax records which are being withheld? Why is there such a liberal use of “executive privilege” when Congressional subpoenas are seeking clarity? What’s in the full Mueller report that has been redacted by the attorney general? Why are the impeachment proceedings held up as a Democrat “witch hunt” when 47 Republicans are present in all of the deliberations? And, most particularly, what’s in the full telephone “perfect conversation” between our president and the president of the Ukraine for which we only have a redacted summary?

If there is a true seeking of transparency for the citizens of our country, what does any politician have to fear by hiding the full content of the facts? The Truth?

Andy Sale


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Trump has kept or is keeping every single promise he made during his campaign. Every single one. He communicates directly with us, the American people and bypasses the radical left wing media. Barry Soetoro never, ever had any transparency. NONE. He and Eric Holder broke every law in the book but were never brought to justice. Nice try tho...


When will this misinformation be put to rest? Trump has not built a wall along our southern border; Mexico has not paid for such a wall; Trump has not presented a new health care plan; he has not locked up Hillary Clinton; jobs sent overseas have not been brought back to the U.S.; immigration laws have not been changed. Whatever the cause, Trump has NOT kept every promise he made. As for his communication style, invective-laden tweets are not transparency, and the tax returns of high-level public officials may be required to ascertain the integrity of the officials. I regret that so many people retain such hatred of Obama and his administration, but we cannot judge current officials by past events.


There are MILES of new border wall going up every day. All Trump has to do is put a 1% fee on all TAX FREE US DOLLARS that ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS send back to Mexico from the US and the wall will be paid for in a few months. Trump has kept more promises in 3 years than Obama kept in 8. Plus he's actually showing a spine to Putin, not folding like a cheap suit like Obama did. Ukraine to Obama: WE NEED MILITARY HELP! " Obama: "here are some socks and food, I can't upset Putin by sending more than that". Ukraine to Trump: WE NEED MILITARY HELP!" Trump: "Here's a boatload of Russian tank busting Javelin missiles. boys! Light 'em up!" Obama was a gutless chump who hid under his desk with his knees knocking every time Putin made aggressive moves. Now, for tax returns, why aren't Pelosi and Schumer releasing their taxes? Are the not high level public officials? Why do you excuse them but not Trump? What business is it of yours? We CAN judge current officials by past events. You say we can't because you don't like the results, but history has already proven Obama may have been the US's weakest president when it came to Russia. Even you can't deny that. He was pathetic and did every blessed thing Putin told him to and even promised him "more flexibility after his next election", stuff that would enrage you if Trump said it, but you find every excuse in the book for that phony Obama!


I don't care about anyone's tax return. It's nobody's business except between the individual and the IRS.

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