Relative to the question of “white privilege,” let us consider the privileged position of Rita Dunaway and Douglas Wright as editorial writers for the DN-R (Jan. 11). Local citizens who are strong-minded conservatives who deny white privilege, Dunaway and Wright need to admit their own privileged positions as regular columnists for the DN-R, a paper that has been owned and administered for decades by white men, most of them political conservatives.

Is it truly a “meritocracy” when Wright and Dunaway hold privileged positions as frequently published resident writers while local liberals, persons of color, and non-middle-class members do not? Are Wright and Dunaway unaware of their privilege as white conservatives in this regard? Are they unconscious of this stacked-deck reality?

Bob Bersson


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Rita Dunaway commented on J.K. Rowling comments. Both of them are female. Are their opinions not valid because they are not politically correct? Does the DNR post syndicated columns by Walter Williams and Thomas Sowell? I think they did at one time. They are minorities. Are their opinions "diverse"?


I think, Mr. Bersson, that you may inadvertently be conflating “meritocracy” with “diversity” while attempting to support the “white privilege” myth. You may not realize it but you are also using the “white privilege” myth as a weapon by demanding the columnists admit to having that which they argue does not exist. Would it not stand to reason that “meritocracy” cannot be artificially tempered by an artificial racial, economic, or political “diversity” and still be merit-based? Such a delineation of qualifying criteria must set “meritocracy” aside or subordinate it to whatever quota of “diversity” is being sought. Fair enough, but let us not pretend that it would be merit-based or that “meritocracy” is the equivalent of “diversity”.


there are minority op-ed writers who have appeared in this paper for as long as I can remember. someone get Bob a safe space, coloring book, and a pacifier, stat!


And it's the kind of letter from a biased, kiss-a$$ socialist who will lie about his fellow residents to look "big" in the eyes of the supposed "down-trodden."


This is the kind of letter you get from people who are obsessed with identity politics instead of substance.

J Bitting

This from a man who once vowed he would move to Canada to keep from serving his country!

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