I, too, am concerned about monuments to our war veterans. Specifically, I search in vain for the statues dedicated to the brave monarchists who fought against George Washington during the illegal war of the colonies against the God-given absolute rights of King George. People today laughingly call this the American Revolutionary War; oh, how some folks like to change names and the meaning of words.

Mr. John P. Mann IV (“Stop The Purge Of War Memorials,” Jan. 8) called what most people call the American Civil War “the War in defense of Virginia.” Some other people say this war was about “states’ rights.” Let us be clear — it was fought to maintain the rights of white Southerners to own other human beings in absolute bondage and deny them any rights for themselves, children, and descendants. There are no statues to the Tories that fought George Washington, for two reasons; their cause is deemed to have been wrong, and they lost.

Ralph Bolgiano

Fulks Run

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I'm guessing that Ralph graduated from EMU.


If you are interested in memorials erected in memory of British loyalists from the American Revolution, Mr. Bolgiano, you may wish to look to places that the more fervent loyalists may have gone after the war. The more fervent loyalists left for Canada and England at the end of the war. After all, before memorials are erected there must usually be descendents who feel a sense of connection present at the location at which they are erected.

If you are interested in these memorials here is a link that may have some validity.



Ralph needs to do more reading about the Civil War and stop giving an opinion like its fact! Informed Americans know better.


Another idiot carpetbagger who believes he is the supreme authority on the "whys" of the world. He KNOWS what people 150 years ago were thinking and why.


I think he is following the pattern set by most of the people who have responded to his letter.

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