The proposed I-81 solutions are, according to a think tank report: A boondoggle, archaic, ignorant and with a lack of history knowledge or current events (“Report: Widening I-81 Project A Boondoggle," June 22). The solution to widen I-81 in places is fraught with potential accidents. History from 1910 shows us how rapid change has occurred. Few paved roads until 1960, and few cars from 1910-50.

To fight pollution, gas engines must be curtailed or eliminated. I project battery cars for local travel and fast public transit for distances. Remember jet engines pollute too. I-81 will be a corridor for some form of rail high-speed transit. The proposed solution is unthinking and without imagination except a temporary solution of tolls and toll gantries and speed reduction. Forget today’s solutions think tomorrow.

George Lampron


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Even though the conventional solution is adding more lanes, i think in this case we should try something new. The railway runs from Harrisburg, PA to at least Knoxville, TN. A analysis by Rail Solutions shows that 60% of the trucks are through-trucks, which means that loading them on rail would take 60% of trucks off of I-81 for this 500 mile stretch. Truckers would gain time by sleeping or resting during the transit. The extra rail track needed would cost far less and be less disruptive than widening I-81. This would take imagination and doing something unconventional, thus risking failure or embarrassment for politicians. But let’s do it. If it succeeds, the system could be made even more practical by accommodating non-through trucks.


Yeh, the writer is on to something here. We should just drill tunnels through the mountains and put a high speed rail system. Should be a drop in the bucket and we could copy what California has done and plan to do with "rail" projects. It's so cheap and convenient.


An Ian article is quoted here. True that Sen OBen is spastic, but true that the corridor needs to be expanded. But what about tomorrow- will the freight continue in this volume? This letter explores a different point of view, though: when government serves business it fails the people. The writer may take exception to this comment but those feelings fade. Yeah call me a commie - he's my inb0x.

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Someday, maybe we'll stop confusing safety with convenience.


We may not need improvements at all, since Trump's tax plan took away truckers' per diems, thus forcing some drivers out of the industry. Now his trade policies are limiting imports and not as many trucks are needed to carry goods to their final destinations.


This isn't Europe. You can't jump on a train and be in another country in an hour.


Mr. Lampron you talk in circles. It is obvious to me that you have no idea what you are talking about.

There is only one way to fix 81. That is to add more lanes to it. There should have been a third lane added 20 years ago and a fourth lane in some places.

I am not sure exactly what a think tank is but all they have to do is look at Georgia and some of the other states that have already done just that.

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