Skyrocketing health care costs remain a pivotal discussion nationwide.This year our delegate, Tony Wilt, championed legislation that would make it easier for small businesses and sole proprietors to band together under an association health plan. These plans offer a lower-cost option to small-business owners and their employees where no affordable option currently exists for these individuals in the marketplace. Democrats and Republicans supported the idea, as affordable health care is not a partisan issue.

It saddens me to think that I have friends and colleagues that go without health care because they simply can't afford it. That's why Virginia Realtors was supportive of Tony's bill and why they have enthusiastically endorsed him for his work in the legislature, and I encourage you to do the same as we near elections on Nov. 5.

Renee Whitmore

Penn Laird

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Jeff Pierson

Wilt did not sponsor health care; he sponsored MEWA's (Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangement). This is a system where an employer some money to pay for their employees health care costs. The employers make contributions into the plan based on the number of employees they have and the estimated costs associated with each employee. BUT- These plans are not insurance: a company can kick you off any time they want to, MEWAs are unregulated, the do not have to cover pre-existing conditions, they can change at anytime in anyway. The were tried in the 1980s and 90s and failed terribly. If all you need is $20 for a flu shot they work fine, but if you find out you have cancer, or any major illness you are out of luck. Watch carefully, no proposal ever calls them insurance- because they are not insurance-- they are a "health plan", and a bad plan at that.


Health care in this country is a hot mess, and I wish all elected officials at all levels would get serious about a solution. Right now, Republicans just whine about killing Obamacare (with no alternative plan to replace it) and Democrats clamor for "Medicare for all" (but Medicare isn't all that hot either ... insurance supplements are needed for full coverage, neither vision nor dental are covered with Plan A, etc.). Getting good health coverage is a huge issue, so play nice with each other and get to work!


Wilt has done a good job as our delegate. I will be voting for him on November 5th.

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